Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Guess what is starting AUGUST 1st??
I cannot wait to post more information come July 25th. I know the suspense is killing you like it is ME!! Love having more ways each and every month to grow my paycheck :) 

You want in? http://beautynscents.net/
Click Join on the left!
What can it hurt to try.

Leave a comment to what you think the new brand will be!
Drip tease #1: What secrets lie within?
Drip tease #2: 430 SKU's
Drip tease #3: A beautiful 48 page catalog!
Drip Tease #4 $64 Billion market
Drip Tease #5 100,000 man hours to be ready to launch this new brand
Drip Tease#6: A two syllable first name and a one syllable last name
Drip Tease #7: 70 shipping containers on the water headed to Meridian for the initial launch
Drip Tease #8: 150,000 square feet of dedicated distribution space
Drip Tease #9: Cost of inventory needed for the first 12 weeks equals Scentsy's revenue its first 34 months!