Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Mind Aware Series for Direct Sellers Season 5 with Edie Anne

OMG one of my goals came true yesterday!!!  You have no idea how excited I am about this!!! 3 years ago, I told myself, "I could be someone interviewed on this show." And here it is!!!!!! YIKES!!! Be careful what you wish for and what you tell yourself is possible!!!
I met some incredible people through The Mind Aware Series and I am truly a better person because of it.  Casey D. EberhartMary ChristensenJulie Anne JonesLyndsey BaigentAmy PorterfieldTeresa GarrisonBecky SpiethDeb BixlerKaren PhelpsMia DaviesSteve TaubmanShari McAllister HudspethSpencer Howerton

Available for 48hrs!!! Or click Dana's special offer and get it permanently!

Have you ever wondered how to approach a stranger about your business? Or how to get someone’s contact information? Or how to sponsor someone using social media? Well, today Edie Anne Cote with Scentsy revealed all of this and more!

Edie Anne Cote lives in Maine and her passions are being a career coach, mentor and recruiter and she gets to do all of those things as an Independent Scentsy Family Director with The Scentsy Family full time!

In this interview, Edie gave step-by-step instructions on how to approach a complete stranger. She even revealed a super easy way to get contact information from someone you just met and what to say so they know that you’ll be following up. Edie has used social media with much success in her business and so she not only explained how to make connections on Facebook, but she also gave some fantastic ideas for maximizing YouTube … even if you don’t make videos!

If you don’t know how to turn that social butterfly personality into a paycheck, then you’ll definitely want to hear this replay!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Local Mini Celebrity ;)

Hi there, it's Edie Anne Cote

I don't make many posts like this out but wanted to share this one.  It's alittle longer so bare with me :)
I have been asked to be interviewed for The Mind Aware Series Season 5 and am so proud and honored.  It is a Free registration and a Free series running through the month of May.  I am trying to reach out to people who may find this of interest or may just want to support me and my efforts.  I am extremely excited about this and hope you find it as exciting.  Here is some information about it. I would love for you to register, even if you don't plan to listen to them all live.  My interview is on May 26th and by registering you will have the chance to listen to at least mine.

I didn't want you to miss this announcement because this is the ONLY place you can get 24 hours of FREE training for growing your direct sales business! The Mind Aware Interview Series for Direct Sellers is back, and we’re better than ever! Keep in mind that this is beneficial for ANY business and also for personal development

Here’s the link . . .

And here’s why … we listened to your suggestions and incorporated them into Season Five, Straight from the Top!

You might remember that we did a survey and we asked YOU for a list of your favorite direct sales execs and direct sales leaders! Who did you want me to interview on The Mind Aware Series. Who did you want to learn from?

We took your advice and we got direct sales executives and leaders from 24 companies involved and they are bringing their BEST advice and tips to the table!


Do you want to know the answer to these questions . . .
*What is the biggest MISTAKE you see direct sellers making?
*What is the FIRST THING I should do to prepare myself for success?
*Why do some people SPONSOR so easily and others don’t?
*Which DAILY practices should I put into place to GROW my business?
*How can I BALANCE my team and my personal business?
*What is the biggest mistake you see direct sales LEADERS making?
*What are your BEST TIPS for booking, sponsoring, offering the opportunity, maximizing technology, positive mindset, leadership, and MORE!!!
Get the answers right here . . .


If you are ready to take your business to the next level, then make sure to register for The Mind Aware Interview Series today!


P.S. Please make sure to share this post with your friends, team members, and business colleagues too! Thanks!  http://www.themindaware.com/Sce5Invite

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What a day!!

I am drawn to blog today!  I don't come on here and spill my feelings often but I felt the need today.

Feeling overwhelmed is an understatement for the excitement, love and inspiration I have felt today.  Not only is this the day I was born, I turned 44... containing not only one of my lucky numbers but 2 ;) Not sure how it is that we come to have a lucky number but I chose 4 along time ago and it has stuck very well throughout the years.  So from the break of dawn this morning I have responded to over 500 wishes, blessings and fun "Happy Birthday" messages on my Facebook profile page.  I was sang to at least 4 times in different octaves and styles.  I was treated to lunch and continue to receive phone calls from my loved ones. What an amazing day... right>?  Well it gets even better... well not sure I can beat being born, but I'll try.

Today I conducted a training call through our home office to ALL of the Scentsy consultants in the company.  I trained on Facebook Parties. About a year ago, I started the process of getting this out to the masses.  I ran up against some pretty hard walls and was shot down a couple times too.  I collected the training information and put it together in a way to be presented and taught.  Finally in January of this year I was asked to present the training at our Leadership Retreat in Cancun (you all remember the trip they lost all my luggage?), I was honored and beside myself.  Well today was the final piece.  It went out to the masses in one of the most attended live training's we have had.  I have been overwhelmed with love and support and encouragement that I have inspired them to make videos, to have parties and to just step out of their comfort zone.  I couldn't feel more proud!!!  or could I?? This is where the frosting gets put on the cake.

3 years ago, I fell upon a training called The Mind Aware Series put on and hosted by Dana Wilde.  Well you all know I have studied her Train Your Brain, but did you know it started when I met her through The Mind Aware?  It was 24 hours of interviews with leading industry trainers.  I feel in love with the information I was learning and quickly learned the power that knowledge had. I told myself 3 years ago, while listening to the interviews with people like Mary Christensen, Casey Eberhart, Julie Anne Jones, Deb Bixler, Lindsey Baigent and so many more, that I could do that and even if I couldn't I would love to speak on her show.  It was a passing thought and dream that apparently I put out into the universe......  3 years later, I, yes me, am going to be a guest, interviewed by Dana Wilde on Season 5 of The Mind Aware Season.  I am not sure if Dana even knew of this dream since I don't believe I ever shared it... matter of fact I am not sure I shared it with anyone.

So not only is it my birthday and not only did I give an awesome training company wide, but I also get to launch Season 5 of The Mind Aware Series for Direct Sellers!!! I am beyond grateful, blessed, appreciative and truly feeling loved........  Thank you God for this most amazing day!!!  xoxo

Somebody Pinch Me!!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

It's BAAAACK!!!! The Mind Aware Season 5!!

It's how I met Dana Wilde, it's how I began my Brain training journey!! I am so excited about this! Plus It's FREE!!

In your direct sales business, have you ever asked yourself. 
The Mind Aware

* How can I add more people to my team?

* How can I offer my business opportunity easily?

* How can I motivate my team members?

* How can I grow my business faster?

* How can I increase bookings?

* How can I balance my business with my home life?

For answers to these questions click here: http://www.themindaware.com/Sce5Invite

Friday, April 25, 2014

What is BNS?

Someone asked me the other day, "Why did you pick the name Beauty n' Scents & More and what is The BNS Network?"  Well my answer is easy.  When I first started out I was selling Avon, hence the Beauty and then added Scentsy, hence the Scents and then they added Velata, hence the & More lol.....  The issue came when I decided to no longer sell Avon.  By then the name had already become known and I wasn't prepared to spend alot of money changing it on all my marketing materials and website and such.  Luckily, they came out with Layers by Scentsy which incorporated Beauty (bath & body) very well.  Now you ask about The BNS Network. #thebnsnet BNS stands for Beauty n' Scents, however Beauty n' Scents was only incorporating my Scentsy Family businesses and I have so much more than that going on.  I do and have Direct Sales training, coaching, Vlogs and so many new adventures based on my own business/personal life that my YouTube channel started taking a life of it's own.  This is when The BNS Network was born. It encompasses my world, my journey and my adventures.   I love these questions, so keep them coming!! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Save to desktop, fill in form, save again, email to awards@scentsy.com #shiningstar #thebnsnet
Post by Beauty n' Scents & More - EdieAnne - Career Coach, Mentor & Recruiter.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Scentsy Spring/Summer 2014 Show and Tell

Saturday, March 15, 2014

How to make Edie's Spaghetti Sauce - Edie's Recipe

Ever wonder how I make my Spaghetti Sauce in the crock pot?  Well today is your lucky day....I am going to share with you the exact science to Edie's Secret Sauce!!!
I would like to share with you first that I am not a recipe kind of girl.  I like to throw stuff together and hope it tastes good!!!  Seriously!  LOL So for me to share a recipe is like trying to tell you how electricity works. It is however possible to at least share with you the ingredients that make it taste amazing!  

So here is a shopping list for you:
1 Large can of Diced Tomatoes with Basil
1 Large can of plain Tomato Sauce
1 Large can of Crushed Tomatoes
1 package of mini Pepperonis
1 package of crumbled sausage
1 cup of shredded mozzarella cheese
1 cup of diced onions
1 package of meatballs

Spices include but aren't limited to:
All spice
garlic salt
onion salt
crushed peppers

I let all this cook on high in the crock pot for 4 hours then simmer on low till I serve.
Serve over al dente spaghetti  ;)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Today is Your Day!!! Listen!!!

A Message from Dana Wilde and Train Your Brain

Do you want to know the answer to any of these questions?
My BOOKING calendar is empty. How can I fill it?
How can I get my MOJO back?
What can I do to overcome OVERWHELM?
How can I feel comfortable APPROACHING people about my business?
How can I get my TEAM members to step up?
If you want to know the answers, then join me for a LIVE Webinar!

Here are the details . . .

Thursday, March 6, 2014
9 AM Pacific | 10 AM Mountain | 11 AM Central | 12 Noon Eastern
(Check out http://worldtimebuddy.com for your local time.)

Here's the link to register:

And the best part is . . . because it’s LIVE you can ask YOUR questions on the webinar!

If you’ve ever wondered if Train Your Brain could work for you, join me on the webinar and find out for FREE!

There will be a REPLAY! But you must register! Here’s that link again …

This is a LIVE EVENT and we have LIMITED SPACE, so make sure to get registered and get there EARLY!

I’ll see you there!


Thursday, February 27, 2014

EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK I just realized I am super close ...

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It's starting again... I am ready to be a success! Are you?

You all know how much I have loved my positive affirmations and the re-training of my brain. I have given credit to some training I have done in the last 5 years and feel obligated to tell you that it is coming again. A while back I was introduced to some amazing people who have shaped my life since then. I have learned different things from all of them and have become friends with most of them. These people and techniques were introduced to me through a program called The Mind Aware Series. We learned about our businesses and we learned about ourselves. This series was brought to us by a wonderful woman named Dana Wilde. 3 years ago, she introduced a program called Train Your Brain which she has since published a book about. This program was my turning point. It's what taught me to cope to believe and to flourish. If I believed in it... then it must be possible! My words and my thoughts were lined up for success whether for business or for life in general. I know I would not be where I am today if it hadn't been for the catalyst of Scentsy with the alignment of Dana. Well she is offering her training for free right now!!! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER You can register to be part of what has changed my outlook and my life. I would never tell you that you have to do something, but this..... I strongly suggest ;) And when you get the chance go buy her book. Train your Brain by Dana Wilde on Amazon.com I promise you won't be sorry with either the book or the training. Honestly we are 3 years past and I have listened to the training I bought from here at least 6 times... it's an amazing refresher!! ♥ BTW I am registering for her free training.... I can never get enough. so see you there! CLICK HERE FOR FREE WEBINAR

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Walk on the Wild Side

This is my most favorite video of all time!  It makes me laugh and it is awesome! So I am sharing it with all of you!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Playing cat and mouse...

Never a dull moment in the Pelletier /Cote home.... get up this morning....late I might add (cause I can) and low and behold a mouse has made it's way into my new office... not sure how but with it being as cold as it is outside I am sure that it thought it was a good idea. May I remember you that we have a home with 3 cats... outdoor cats, hunting cats. Well mostly. lol So let me paint you a picture. The 2 younger cats Charlie and Dodge have the mouse cornered behind a box. Let me also say that I have no idea how long it's been cornered there. I shut the sliding door so it can't come into the house and grab Jed our 19 yr old cat ... aka The Hunter and put him in my office. I get my coffee, go put wood in the fire... come back up and they are all still just staring at the mouse behind the box. Well I certainly am not going to do THAT all day. I move the box. Out comes the mouse and Jed jumps into action. 2.2 seconds later.... Jed is the victor. The other 2 cats are dazed and confused. That my dear boys is how it's done! Now for those of you that feel this is cruel.... I had 3 options since I certainly wasn't going to keep the mouse as a pet. 1. I could have tried to grab it and thrown it outside in the minus 20 degree wind and snow and watch it freeze to death or 2. beat it with a broom like most would have done, or 3. let nature and the circle of life takes it's course. I have to admit, that Charlie and Dodge have no idea what just happened... the thing they probably played with all night is missing and they are rooming around the office in a daze. Jed "The Master" is walking around the crime scene as the victor. Now I'm sitting here wondering Where the Heck did it come from in the first place???

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mind Games!

It's important to remember that our mind plays a HUGE role in our everyday actions.  I think sometimes we forget and run through the day on auto pilot.  Did you ever find yourself driving along and all of a sudden wonder how you got to where you are.  You weren't asleep  but your subconscious took over the driving while your conscious mind thought of other things... like lunch, work, kids....  A conversation last night allowed me to remember that we may not have control of how we initially feel about something but we certainly have control on how we stay feeling or how we cope with that feeling.  You see our lives consist of many obstacles that can either be seen as roadblocks or as opportunities.  The choice you make will determine the way you feel.
I'm not saying that feeling hurt, sad, angry or happy are feelings that can easily be changed but through your own thoughts you can determine whether they stay and fester or make their way through the emotional scale where you end up in just the right mood.  Here let me give you an example. If you are in an abusive relationship and the other person is telling you that you are not a good person and you hear this over and over again for years....  guess what happens?  You begin to believe it or at least second guess yourself. Now if you leave that situation and you begin to tell yourself a different story that you are amazing, then over time you will begin to believe this as well.  If a shy girl tells herself she is an outgoing person everyday for a year, it's been proven that this girl will no longer be shy.  It really boils down to the story we tell ourselves.  What story are you telling yourself ABOUT yourself?  Is it time to change it?

Monday, December 30, 2013

3 Great Years and the the year comes to a close

Today is a great day... not unlike many other days however today I celebrate my 3 yr Scentiversary with a company that I started out with as just a hobby. Well it still is a hobby because a hobby is something you enjoy doing. I certainly enjoy my career. I work from home, I travel, I teach, I create opportunities for other people and have a ton of fun. I have accomplished things that I myself am proud of, I have inspired people to be better and I have enjoyed many achievements of others. If you had said 10 years ago that I would be home enjoying life or that I would inspire people, I would have replied.... I know I can but there is no way I will. Scentsy has been a catalyst of betterment for me. It's been a away to express who I really am. It's been a testament of not only hard work that is fun but hard work that pays off. I have learned that it's not so much about product (which I will add is amazing) but it's about friendships, environment, energy and creation. Andrew Carnegie once said... "put your eggs in one basket and watch them." I say, "Believe in what you can do, focus on wanting it, be grateful for what you have and enjoy the journey." There are many thing s to be appreciative of. I am grateful for this path I am on and for sharing it with so many incredible people! 2014 brings more accomplishment, joy of birth, travel and love. "I Got This"
Thank you Ben for always being there for me. xoxo
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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy New Day!!!

Wondering what Happy New Day is all about? 
What is it about the new year that sets our mind into "restart" mode. We believe it's a fresh start so we make resolutions and commitments and most times fall flat of those resolutions or commitments.  It isn't for a lack of conviction or desire but yet sometimes it's just not the right time for us.  So why not say that June 5th is the new year.... what if we conditioned our minds to think that our reset button could be pushed everyday. It truly is how you think about itthat will make the difference. it's how you believe or not believe in what you are doing or not doing. 
Happy New Day on Dec 26th, 2013!!!!! Today I take my life back. Today I make healthier decisions! Today is the first day of the rest of my life! Why because I choose to!  

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Our New Holiday Tradition! Fudge Toffee Trifle

Talk about pure yumminess!  Try it and then let s know how it came out.  Would love to see your pictures!

1 box fudge brownie mix
1 box chocolate fudge pudding
2 cups cold milk
1 bag toffee bits (8 oz)
1 container frozen whipped topping, thawed (we like cool whip)

1.  pre-heat oven 350 degrees
 - grease bottom only 13x9 pan
2. make brownie mix as directed on box, cool completely
3. cut brownies into 1 inc. squares and place ½ of the brownies in the bottom of round trifle dish
4. make pudding mix using milk and pour ½ pudding over brownies and top w/ ½ toffee bits and then layer with whipped cream
*Repeat with remaining ingredients
5. Refrigerate 4 hours and serve

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Paying it Forward for Christmas- Happy Holidays

Did this a couple nights ago and felt amazing!!!
Here is my original post:

there is a part of every human being that wants to give. they want to know that they are part of something bigger then themselves. we want to contribute to make a difference. waiting for the right moment to be able to do something good, something that not only makes them feel good, but can help somebody else. when we do have this opportunity to do something good for others we don't want to boast or brag or bring notice on ourselves but instead we want to share the goodness that we have passed along and hope that it inspires others to do the same. when the movie pay it forward came out many years ago it was something that I had decided I wanted to do when I could in my life. I have incorporated that term pay it forward in many aspects of my life and have tried to pass that on to my children as well. tonight with my children present we all paid it forward and it was such a beautiful feeling. anticipation on how our recipient would react. anticipation as to whether we should stay while she sees what we did or to just leave and let her enjoy it on her own. by unanimous decision we all left and allowed her to enjoy it by herself. you see none of us felt that we needed recognition for what we were doing. although it was not much, it just downright felt good. a lesson has been learned tonight. not only did my children learn what it feels like and how to pay it forward but others have learned that bragging and boasting is not part of paying it forward. sharing and inspiring is... I can only pray and hope that she will now pay it forward to someone else oxoxox
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

OFFICE UPDATE - Construction Complete!!

When I first started thinking about how to create my office, 3 yrs ago we decided to add on to the house to create a bigger place to enter our home as well as a space for my office. NEVER did I imagine it would turn out like this. The inspiration for this room began with the barn door. I just knew I had to have one to close off the office when I had meetings. It is more amazing then I had dreamed. Thank you Louie at Allagash Wood Products! The room came together so nicely and the craftsmanship that Shon-Crystal Jandreau of Custom Designs put into it was worth the wait! So 3 yrs later, it's complete! Now my work begins.... so it is a Work in progress! I AM IN LOVE! I am sure as I unpack stuff that things will move place 5 times before I have it right! For my YouTube friends here is the video! I feel like I should be thanking everyone for their encouragement, the love and for following the progress. i am truly blessed. xoxox #doubleyay
 — feeling Blessed, overwhelmed with happiness, grateful and pooped... LOL 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cake Batter Cookies

These are a very yummy treat to try.  Moist and Delicious!

1 Box Cake Mix
2 Eggs
1 Stick Butter
1 t Vanilla

Instructions: Mix ingredients well. Chill Dough for 2 hours. Roll out on flour surface and cut  with cookie cutters.  Decorate as desired. Bake at 350 for 12-15 minutes on a greased/lined cookie sheet.

Beauty n' Scents Newsletter

Didn't get my Customer Newsletter that went out today? Make sure you sign up to my list so you can be receiving it monthly starting in January!!! It's packed with great info and you also get the inside scoop of any sales or promotions coming up. Here is the link, go sign up now! Don't wait and forget... go now it will take 2 seconds! https://edieanne.scentsy.us/Scentsy/static/Newsletter

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day 5 - Abundant Me - I choose abundance

So here I go again......  Doing a few of these in one day may seem to you a non-effort, but in my world it is ALL that Plus some.  Actually doing a few in a row, solidify that which I learned in the previous meditation.  I will admit I am not meditating like I should but the time of reflection is so advantageous for me that it creates a feeling of accomplishment and clarity for the rest of the day.  Enjoy.
Love this one .......


Om Bhavam Namah
I am absolute existence. I am a field of all possibility.
DAY 5: Abundant Me
Entry created Nov 21, 2013
Have you had a passion or dream that was minimized or squelched by yourself or another? Write about what it felt like to share your dream and have it dismissed. Did that experience impact how you respond to sparks of passion, dreams, and desires in your life now?
Believe it or not I had been a dreamer, a person or child who imagined I could accomplish anything. I allowed others to hold me back. My worth was squashed and I believed it. It hurt, it was belittling, depressing and discouraging. When I thought of how inept I was to accomplish anything, I felt little. I felt like nothing with no purpose. I really believe that having someone tell me that I couldn't or I wasn't.... made me want and desire it more. I now teach others to choose abundance.
Reflect and spend time writing about what you can learn about yourself, others, and life from that experience or other experiences like it. Our reaction to our self-talk and the input of others just might be blocking our dreams from coming to life. Identify and write down several strategies you can use to protect the uplifting energy and possibility that your innovative ideas, dreams and desires hold.
I have come a long way from someone telling me I couldn't do it .... to now knowing I can. My mind is what is allowing me to see the dreams, to visualize what my abundance looks and feels like so that I can witness it when and as it's in my life. Yes I can have days where my negative self-talk interferes with my dreams and aspirations. However being more knowledgeable of how that works and being able to acknowledge those feelings and thoughts, I am more able to move out of the feeling and mindset rather quickly. My emotions and my reactions are much more in tune to my desire for happiness and abundance in my own life and those around me. NOTHING can hold me back!
What are you grateful for today?
I am so grateful for being to be grateful. For being able to appreciate things in life with love and with understanding that it's a blessing to me.... a gift. I am grateful for being to be grateful.
Use this space to reflect further on your experience today.
When Oprah spoke of the abundance we all deserve and the abundance we all have coming to us.... it reminded me of being God's child. I want for "my" children, EVERYTHING good in life. All the love, happiness and abundance they can handle. The joys that come from a smile. The tears that come from a laugh and the goosebumps that come from within. My children deserve EVERYTHING good in life. If I am God's child then I KNOW he wants to same things for me. We all deserve EVERYTHING good in life. Namaste!

Mindful Moment

Set aside one hour today to do something you thoroughly enjoy. It doesn’t matter what it is . . . whether it’s a walk in the woods, reading a good book, or creating a delicious meal . . . do it purely for the joy of the activity. As you settle in for sleep tonight, revisit the experience in your mind, considering why this activity excited you or brought you joy. Set the intention to awake the next day in this same state of mind and heart.

"Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance." Epicurus
What lights you up more fervently than anything else in your life? Listen to whatever immediately comes to you – these are signs leading you to your true passion, your most heartfelt desire, and ultimately your destiny.
When we heed the call of our deepest desires, we fulfill our true destinies. Children do not shy away from their passions, they effortlessly live from a place of wonder, play, and delight. For many of us, we’re taught that we must abandon our natural passions as we cross the divide between childhood and adulthood. Yet, passion is what drives us to be the very best individuals we can be.
Today, through meditation, we reconnect to our internal spark and begin to gently release those long-held stories about who we should be as we become more intimately re-acquainted with who we really are. Together we will practice shining brightly as the individuals we were born to be as we freely share our gifts with everyone we meet.

Day 4- Conscious Me - Abundance surrounds me

Yes I have missed a few days LOL. I really believe I get into this when it's supposed to happen.  These are helping me stay focused and be much more grateful to my surroundings.  Enjoy.


Aham Brahmasmi
I am the universe.
DAY 4: Conscious Me
Entry created Nov 21, 2013

Where in your life do you compare yourself to others or compete? How does it feel? What is the inner dialogue or limiting belief that ignites competition and comparison in your life? After writing, spend time with the feelings and sensations connected to your written thoughts. Breathe in deeply and as you exhale send yourself love and light. As you become aware you are presented with the opportunity to practice a new way of being.
It's easy to get caught up in how we view ourselves compared to others. We are taught as we grow that we need to be better, stronger, more of this or more of that. We become dreamers. I personally have compared myself to others often. I think it's my gauge, my way of leveling up in the game of life. I have learned over time that putting myself in someone else's shoes will allow me to be more empathetic, but not more like them. I am competitive therefore I strive to be like people who I admire. In this sense I compare myself to them and sometimes feel "less" or even slow in my progress to reach where they are. As time goes on I learnt that "I am imperfect, and I am enough"
Write an affirming supportive letter to yourself, one that reminds you of all that you have to share with the world--your strengths, values, gifts, talents and successes. As you celebrate yourself you make space to celebrate others.
Edie, you need to know that with every year that passes you have become an amazing individual. You have inspired many and will continue to do so. You have allowed God to speak through you and in that you have been able to teach ad coach so many people about the good and positive in life. You are influential. You are a caring heart. You have accomplished so much in your own eyes. Success will be shown in your happiness and the happiness of your family and children and grandchildren. You sing from spirit and you enjoy nature around you. You have an innate ability to overcome many obstacles and you help others do the same. You have become a strong and loving individual.
What are you grateful for today?
I am so grateful for the morning of sunshine. For watching the eagles feast. For breathing and loving. For my children and their children. I am grateful for this opportunity to reflect and relax. For creating a life of abundance and love. For Ben. oxox
Use this space to reflect further on your experience today.
Although I had fallen behind and I am not sitting with eyes closed, I have found this time of reflection to be welcomed and embraced. With all the training I do, I sometimes forget that adding more knowledge to my brain is not necessarily a good thing if I haven't learned about what's already there..... and that's me. I am abundant with love, wealth and health. Namaste!
Mindful Moment
Today, no matter where you are or what you are doing, take notice of the abundance that surrounds you. Abundance may appear as a loose penny in the parking lot, a warm hug from a friend, or a plentiful display of produce at the supermarket. Consider how effortlessly and easily these gifts and signs of abundance showed up in your experience and give yourself permission to feel authentic gratitude for these blessings.  You will be surprised and delighted by the multitude of gifts that continue to appear throughout your day and for days to come.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes." Marcel Proust
All around us are messages that lead us to believe our lives are ones of scarcity and lack, and that competition with one another is the only way we can truly succeed. However, when we begin to witness the world—whether standing in the middle of a majestic forest or scanning the shelves at the grocery store—we come to understand that the entire universe presents itself to us and is ours to enjoy. 
In order for us to truly experience everything the world has to offer, we must first come to appreciate all that we already have. By being truly grateful, we open the door to all the power, wisdom, and creativity of the universe, connecting ever more deeply with pure consciousness and its ability to usher anything we can envision into our lives.

Scentsy Fragrance Fall/Winter 2013 Scent Combos and Recipes

You all have been asking for them!!! Here you go! Some of these are truly incredible!  Post in the comments your opinions when you try them.  I would love to hear from you!  If you have other recipes not listed here you would like to share please post a comment below!  Happy Scenting!!!!

Apple Dumplings = Apple Press + Clove & Cinnamon + Dulce de Leche
Apple Pie Ala Mode = Baked Apple Pie + Simply Vanilla
Awesomeness = Pumpkin Marshmallow+ Sticky Cinnamon Bun
Bird of Paradise = Enchanted Mist + Sugar Cookie
Blueberry Pancakes = Blueberry Cheesecake + French toast
Caramel Apples = Duche de Leche + Apple Press
Chocolate Chip Cookies = Mochadoodle + Sugar Cookie
Christmas Bouquet = Sweet Pea & Vanilla + Whiteout
Christmas Citrus = Winter Pine + Sunkissed Citrus
Christmas Memories = Winter Pine + Whiteout
Christmas Morning = Winter Pine + Sticky Cinnamon Bun
Christmas Treasure = Winter Pine + Cinnamon Bear
Cinnamon Creamer = Cinnamon Bear + Vanilla Cream
Cinnamon Citrus = Sun-kissed Citrus + Clove & Cinnamon 
Shiver = Mandarin Moon + Whiteout
Citrus Berry = Snowberry + Sunkissed Citrus
Country Christmas = Cozy Fireside + Very Merry Cranberry
Cozy Christmas = Winter Pine + Cozy Fireside
Crème Brulee = Dulce de Leche + Sugar Cookie
Creamy Camu = Camu Camu + Simply Vanilla (2)
Deliciousness = Mochadoodle +Blueberry Cheesecake
Doodle Bear = Mochadoodle + Cinnamon Bear
Enchanted Evening = Enchanted Mist + Welcome Home
Energize Coconut = Coconut Lemongrass + Snowberry
Evening at Home = Enchanted Mist + Welcome Home
Feliz Navidad = Simply Lime + Whiteout
French Martini = Black Raspberry Vanilla + Sunkissed Citrus
French Toast = Sticky Cinnamon Bun + Simply Vanilla
Frosted Raspberry = Black Raspberry Vanilla + Snowberry (2)
Grandma's House = Cinnamon Vanilla + Pumpkin Roll
Harvest Blessings = Apple Press + Pumpkin Roll
Hawaiian Volcano = Cinnamon Bear + Havana Cabana
Holiday Bliss = Christmas Cottage + Very Merry Cranberry
Home for Christmas = Cozy Fireside + Snowberry + Winter Pine
Honeymoon = Havana Cabana + Lucky in Love
Hot Blueberry Muffin = Blueberry Cheesecake + Sugar Cookie
Ice Cream Cone = Sunkissed Citrus + Simply Vanilla
Leather & Lace = Vanilla Suede + Simply Vanilla
Loving Waves = Lucky in Love + Ocean
Mama's Cookin' = Baked Apple Pie + Pumpkin Roll
Mama's Pumpkin Pie = Clove & Cinnamon + Pumpkin Roll
Margarita Twist = Simply Lime + Havana Cabana
Margaritas = Simply Lime + Skinny Dippin'
Mediterranean Raspberry = Black Raspberry Vanilla + Luna
Midnight Rendezvous = Garden of Love + Luna
Misty Pomegranate = Enchanted Mist + Perfectly Pomegranate
Peppermint Mocha Coffee = Mochadoodle + Whiteout
Polar Bear Express = Cinnamon Bear + Whiteout
Pumpkin Pie = Pumpkin Roll + Sugar Cookie
Pumpkin Spiced Latte = Pumpkin Roll + Dulce de Leche + Sticky Cinnamon bun
Pumpkins By The Fire = Cozy Fireside + Pumpkin Roll
Raspberry Cookies = Black Raspberry Vanilla + Sugar Cookie
Skippin' = Skinny Dippin' + Sunkissed Citrus
Snowberry Apple Pie = Baked Apple Pie + Snowberry
Spiced Oranges = Clove & Cinnamon + Sunkissed Citrus
Spiced Punch = Cinnamon Bear + Perfectly Pomegranate
Spicy Berry = Christmas Cottage + Snowberry
Spicy Pumpkin = Cinnamon Bear + Pumpkin Roll
Vanilla Latte = Mochadoodle + Simply Vanilla
Vanilla Mint = Simply Vanilla + Whiteout
Warm Coffee = Cozy Fireside + Mochadoodle
Wassail = Mandarin Moon + Pumpkin Roll
White Christmas = Christmas Cottage + Whiteout
Winter Pine Berry = Cozy Fireside + Snowberry + Very Merry Cranberry

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 3 - Confident Me - Release Limiting Beliefs

My day, My thoughts, my acknowledgement of what is and what will be.  After feeling like I had fallen behind in our meditation series, I forgot to allow it to come to me when the timing was right. I struggled with whether or not to day Day 2 and 3 in the same Day...  it seemed wrong at first....  then.... well as you can see I jumped in with 2 feet.  WOW!  I am so glad I did.   You'll see why below.


Sat Chit Ananda
Existence, consciousness, bliss.
DAY 3: Confident Me
Entry created Nov 14, 2013
Make a list of the areas in your life that feel like a struggle. Use this writing time to let it all out; write until you feel complete. After journaling take a moment to feel all of the sensations in your body, mind, and heart associated with your writing. Take a deep breath in, using your breath to send gentle love and light to any place within that feels tense, uneasy, heavy, or conflicted. Visualize all feelings of struggle being released as you exhale.
I struggle with allowing others to not influence me in a negative way, when they are mad, I am mad, when they are sad, I am sad, when they are grumpy I am grumpy. I struggle with patience. I struggle with the ability to let things happen as they will in their own time. Others can magnify this if their timing is not equal with mine. I struggle knowing that I am imperfect and that I am enough as I am. I struggle knowing that things will not always go as planned and that sometimes they even present themselves at the most inconvenient time. I struggle with being silly, being out of control and being aloof.
Reflecting on the answers to question one, describe how some or all of your perceived struggles might be blocking abundance in your life. Take this time to write how you can reframe your reaction to perceived struggle. Is there an action or actions that will provide a sense of relief? What are the ways that you can create a sense of peace, openness, and awareness during times that struggle shows up in your life?
Although I struggle with many emotional things, I know that the way to ease those struggles is to let go. Let God and Let go. I have the understanding that everything will and has happened for a reason and that I may not always know how or why but the path I have is my path. It is my journey and how I choose to walk it is my choice. Letting go of past pain, letting go of things I did not create, letting go of feelings of being inept...... letting go is in my control. It empowers me to be a better more accessible person to not only myself but to everyone around me.
What are you grateful for today?
I once again am grateful for this training, this meditation, this awareness. I am grateful for the abundance that is in my life and that is showing up in my life everyday. Love, Money, happiness, health and creativeness. I am grateful for my friends who allow me to be me. I am so very grateful! ♥
Use this space to reflect further on your experience today.
Abundance flows easily and freely to me! I say mantras all the time. Affirmations of good feelings and what I want to show up in my life. This is one I use often. It encompasses so much of everything. What is it we want abundance of? This is easy for me. Love, Healthy and Money. Isn't it what everyone wants .... well it's up to us to ask for it. Vocalize it and believe it is already here waiting for us. Wishing can sometimes block the act of receiving. I don't wish I was abundant. I AM Abundant!!! xoxo Namaste!

Mindful Moment

Just for today, make the decision to practice defenselessness. When you find yourself involved in a discussion in which you feel compelled to take one side over another or express your opinion in order to sway that of another person, instead, gently let go of the need to defend your point of view. Make a commitment to follow the path of no resistance in other ways throughout your day. Witness how effortlessly your day unfolds as you practice letting go and accept things just as they are. 

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Eleanor Roosevelt
The Spiritual Law of Least Effort tells us that we can do less and accomplish more, an idea that seems at odds with what many of us have been taught throughout our lives. In general, we hold the belief that success is the result of hard work, struggle, and sacrifice.
As we’re learning through our time together, the universe has infinite organizing power and as conscious beings, we have ready access to this realm simply by spending time in stillness and silence. The same consciousness that orchestrates the myriad rhythms of the whole world dwells within each of us. By aligning ourselves with consciousness, connecting fully with the present, and staying open to the many opportunities life offers, we have the power within us to realize all our dreams with effortless ease. 

DAY 2: Empowered Me - Creating the Ripple you Want in the World

As I reach "MY" Day 2 of this process through meditation, I come to see once again that all things happen for a reason.  It's a guide, a nudge from God... our Universe.  Wrong side of the bed, bad dream, cranky, call it what you will...... it doesn't have to be that way all day.  I have the choice.  I have the ability and I have the desire to create a day of love, laughter and all around "Good Feeling"  Now please enjoy my entry for today!  Namaste!


Om Kriyam Namah
My actions are aligned with cosmic law.
DAY 2: Empowered Me
Entry created Nov 14, 2013
As you give, so you receive. What ripple do you want to create in the world today?
A ripple that will affect positive change in not only myself and my family but my future family. As I reflect on becoming a first time grandmother, I realize the effect we all will have on this innocent being. We are responsible for creating an environment of love and nurturing. Caring and compassion. I am a powerful creator of love and compassion.
Cultivating equanimity in your life is a powerful tool. What are the activities that bring you a sense of inner peace and balance? Reflect and write down whatever comes to you without effort or judgment. Along with current activities, include activities you have done in the past and some that you believe will nourish you yet remain untried. Consider scheduling one of those activities each day this week.
Equanimity means balance to me. nature always bring to balance my thoughts my energies and my heart. A walk, maybe sitting by the river and listening to the water flow by. A trickle of the brook as it meats with the river. Being alone with myself and centering my thoughts always calms my mind and allows me to create a better .... next.... a better.... later.... a better tomorrow.
What are you grateful for today?
This meditation. I trust in the universe and what it brings me. God knows when I need something and today I struggled with actions being done by others that I love that I did not connect with. I am grateful for the thought that I am a powerful creator of even my thoughts and how I am able to cope and move through. I am grateful for my unborn grandchild. Being able to see pictures of this living being with the use of technology. I am grateful for technology. I am also grateful for who I am.
Use this space to reflect further on your experience today.
It's times like this that I feel I am ambushed. I am made to feel guilty about my thoughts and beliefs, but yet in a moment I can change that and know that all in this world I have complete control on how I feel, how I feel about a situation, a decision and an action. I choose to be happy. I choose to create a life of abundance in love and everything else good in this world. I AM a Powerful Creator!!!! xoxox

Mindful Moment

Take a moment to observe one choice before you today. Prior to making a decision, check in with your inner voice and ask yourself, “Is this the most nourishing choice for me and everyone around me?” If the answer does not feel right to you, then consider making another decision. If when you check in with yourself, your choice feels right in your heart, then proceed with abandon.

"Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web,
he does to himself."
 Chief Seattle

Today we explore the concept of karma, the ebb and flow of energy in our lives. We will discover that with awareness, we have the opportunity to mindfully harness this natural current to create a life where our dreams and desires open with effortless ease.
So often we hear about good karma and bad karma, but in reality, karma is simply a reciprocal exchange—what we give, we receive in kind. Through meditation, we connect more deeply with the present, increase our awareness of “what is,” and emerge from the silence with a sense of balance and a desire to make right, conscious choices in our lives. In this way, we begin to recognize our own undeniable role in creating the story of our lives and begin to align ourselves with those choices that are the most nurturing for ourselves and everyone around us.