Sunday, July 29, 2018

My Story... The Raw and the Real... The Eeyore Syndrome

Well here goes. When it comes to being empowered, I often think about how I was only 15 years ago... Empowered? I think not. Our choices and thoughts...the story we tell ourselves about ourselves, can be extremely powerful in both a positive and negative way.  I only learned this about 9 years ago. I struggled alot. I made bad choices. I ran with the wrong crowd & created circumstances that were difficult to remove myself from.  I allowed addiction and abuse into my life and struggled to climb free.  Mindset has become a very important part of my life. After becoming divorced for the second time and finding myself in a pit of what I called "My Eeyore Syndrome", I came across a vehicle that would change my life and allow me to be the positive person I wanted to be. You see having the right people surrounding you and the right motives; make it easy to transition into being an entrepreneur or just a better person altogether.  With this vehicle, I get to teach, coach, mentor and watch people’s lives change. You see, on Dec, 30th 2010 I made a rash choice, without much though, to sign up for yet another Direct Sales company. This is where we begin as an Independent Scentsy Consultant and have never looked back. Yah, well, that isn't all that true. Believing what I had been told, "that I couldn't accomplish anything or that I wasn't good enough" for more than 10 years, can really mess with your mindset. But with time, I had no idea how this company and the people in it could make me feel. I'm stronger, more confident and a more successful woman…. I always knew I could, just never had the company or opportunity to prove I could! It became a catalyst to so many changes in my life.  It has introduced me to some amazing people. I have seen some incredible places, including Greece & South Africa... and yes Scentsy paid for the whole thing.  Positive things are happening. I do believe that everything happens for a reason. My reason for buying a bar of wax from my daughter’s fundraiser back in 2008 was to introduce me to a positive change. To most it may have been only a bar of wax but to me it was a change of life.  I would never have known Scentsy existed if it hadn't been for that fundraiser. Starting with Scentsy has changed my life. It changed my outlook on life and gave me so many new things to look forward to each day! And now, not only do I get to enjoy life every day, but I get to share that with so many others as well. I love sharing this opportunity with people. As of this year my daughter, the one who introduced me to Scentsy through that imfamous fundraiser is now my busienss partner and we get to build her legacy together!  We love watching others succeed and grow their own businesses.  We are all given experiences, good or bad, so that we can become amazing teachers.  This is my purpose.  To become an amazing teacher that can inspire, motivate and create opportunities for others by helping people determine their own "WHY".
What's your Why?

*Sept 2016 Update: I now run this business with my daughter Marissa!  What a blessing to be able to do that!  I might have to say she is a chip off the ole' block!!! She is such an amazing teacher and loves being part of the Scentsy Family! Reach out to her too!  

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My favorite thing to share with other consultants and my group is that Positive Thinking brings Positive Results. I am seeing this and living this! As my Director once said, “Make a decision to be successful. Don’t hope that it happens … Make it happen!”  “You have to want it, strive for it and achieve it.  Never give up. Never give In. And Always Be True to “YOU”. ~EdieAnne
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