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15 Real Reasons Why to Join Scentsy

15 Real Reasons Why to Join Scentsy

Number #15: Scentsy is Flexible

Scentsy can be done at almost any time or any place. Only have 15 minutes before you go to bed at night? That’s ok. Weekends are your only free time? Perfect, that works also.
It doesn’t matter if you are a busy mother, working full time and going to school or a house wife with a couple free hours every day. Scentsy can be fit in to any schedule and still be successful.
I myself am still very busy raising 4 children and running a house at the same time, plus 2 other businesses out of our home. Despite being very busy I still have time for my pets, my hobbies and time to build a Scentsy business.
Many people feel that they are stuck doing what they are doing because they don’t have time to do anything else. The reality is that is simply not true. With Scentsy you can integrate business building in to your daily activities. For example when you go to the store you talk to people there. Say hi, hand them a free sample and move on. Another example would be if you spend your free time online on facebook or some other social media. Make a quick blurb about how people can get free product by hosting a party and your done.
There are several other businesses that do take large amounts of time. Building a Scentsy business is not like studying to get your MBA. You can spend time working on it when you can, and if you need you can set it aside for two or three weeks while you go on vacation.
I don’t know of a single other business that is more flexible than Scentsy nor one that has more potential for those people that are short on time.
Scentsy Compensation plan

Number #14: Easy Compensation Plan

There are many other companies out there that allow you to work from home. Some of those companies pay in very confusing ways. Sometimes your pay depends on the volume of customers that came to the main site and how many of those customers are willing to pay above a certain percentage of X + 1 / 7 √ 3.14.
When you Join Scentsy rest assured that you will not have to worry about some confusing payout system. It is very cut and clear, based on your work you know how much you can expect to be paid down to the penny.
To summarize, you get paid 20% of your sales and you can get up to 30% of your sales as you advance. You can earn even more when people sign up under you.
In addition to this, after you Join Scentsy you get access to the online order system where you can track your orders and the progress of the people below you.
Scentsy is very fair with their compensation actually more than fair.  You can have an unlimited number of people on your front line, and you never have to worry about them braking away because they are out performing you.

Number #13: Easy To Sell

Many of the other home businesses have a dozens of different types of products to market. Everything from makeup and soap to pills and juice. Much of which will be unrelated from each other. This can make it very confusing for consultants to try to sell products because they have to know lots of information about lots of things.
Once you Join Scentsy you will realize how simple the products are. You have Candle Warmers, Scented Wax, Other Scented items (room sprays, scent circles, scent packs), solid perfume (Layers collection) and The Scentsy Buddies. Everything is Scent related, it gives off a fragrance or it is a container for fragrance.
Other people that decided to Join Scentsy also noticed that they didn’t have to push the product on to people. Scentsy specializes in making amazing scents. Once most people smell one of the Scentsy fragrances they are usually so taken by the great smell that they ask you about it. The vast majority of my sales when I first started was from people just asking about it because they smelled it in my house when they came over.
A handy way to utilize the captivating fragrances is to hand out free samples to people. They are cheap to make and people almost never refuse them. This is a great way to get to people that resist interest because they think your trying to push something they wouldn’t want. Once they smell the sample they realize Scentsy has some really great stuff.

Reason #12: Scentsy Is FUN

There is a saying inside Scentsy. It goes “I love my job, because every day I go to work it is a party!” And it literally is a party every day for many consultants. 
But what if you don’t want to party every day? Well, you don’t have to, but that is money down the drain. When you join Scentsy you will find that parties and having fun is not only the most enjoyable way to sell Scentsy, but also the most effective way to sell Scentsy.
A couple of months after you join Scentsy you will master the skills it takes to get a party really hopping. We have tons of great games to play and ways to brake the ice. By the end of most parties you have made a lot of sales and you have made a lot of new friends, maybe even have new team members and more parties to host.
Sometimes it is amazing to sit back and watch as your business grows and you party the whole time it does. You eventually get to the point where you ask yourself “What did I do to deserve these blessings?”

Reason #11: The Company

Scentsy is not run by a bunch of investment bankers that only care about the bottom line. They do care about the bottom line, but they deeply care about the consultants as well.
Here is an example of what I’m talking about. In early 2011 Scentsy opened up business in Europe. Because of different economic systems and shipping the compensation is a little bit different than it is in the United Sates. Consultants from the US were recruiting European consultants and did not understand the difference. Because of this there was some misinformation about how much they would be paid. When the European consultants received less than they expected Scentsy stepped out and paid them more to meet their expectations then clearly defined how the compensation worked from that time forward.
 I think we all know that most large companies out there would not have done that. Many times I have heard of horror stories from other home based systems where consultants were left out in the storm.
I am very glad that I made the decision to Join Scentsy. It is good to know that there isn’t just someone looking out for me, it is who THE someone is looking out for me.

Reason #10: Incentive Trips

Join Scentsy - Incentive Trip 2012
Scentsy knows that building a company takes dedication. To reward any and all consultants that are willing to stay dedicated they provide vacation trips to great locations all over.
For 2012 the vacation is set to be in the Caribbean in the Dominican Republic of Punta Cana.
These incentives are not just meant to put money in the pocket of Scentsy execs. They are not new to this industry. These are used to help people help themselves.
First off, if you work really hard and build your company, you will be a lot closer to your goals. You will be closer to being able to support yourself and quit your day job. In the end, if you reach your goal you get a great reward vacation and you get the gratification of living off of your own hard work. Nothing is more liberating than being able to successfully work for yourself. 
The second reason these are nice are to help motivate your down line. I know if my boss came to me right now and told me if I perform really well for the next six months he would send me on vacation, I’d be busting tail for six months. When used in a team setting that motivation can be magnified. Everyone can help motivate each other because they want to be on vacation with their team mates.

By the Way I earned the trip to Punta Cana this June of 2012!  YEAH!

Reason #9: The Product

Scentsy products are designed and made to be a high quality item in any environment. Too often these days you will buy something only to find it is made out of the cheapest material the company could find. This leaves the buyer feeling tricked and robbed.
Scentsy knows that no one wants to sell junk that wont hold up and no one wants to be tricked in to buying junk. Product quality matters a lot to Scentsy. Not just with the warmers either, but with all of their products. Everything from the plastic that holds the scented wax to the Scentsy Buddy is designed and made with care.
You can always count on your products being durable (not unbreakable) and long lasting. And if that isn’t enough they are all shipped with a lifetime guarantee. This is a huge selling point and it tells people that Scentsy does care. They never just want to leave you up a creek without a paddle.
Along with being high quality the Scentsy products are all fun. Meaning they bring joy and happiness to peoples lives. You wont be selling something like a magic cure all ointment that may work if the planets are aligned or a silly gadget that is very situational and rarely ever used. Scentsy candle warmers and other products really matter and effect people for the good on a daily basis. Things like this make you glad you made the decision to join Scentsy.

Reason #8: The Events

Scentsy events are like world class training with the best after parties you can get.
Let’s be honest here. Who likes to go to school? I’m not talking about liking to learn something new, but the act of going to school and sitting in a class room listening to an instructor. My guess is not many people want to plan that for their next family vacations. The event planners at Scentsy probably agree with me.
Now who wants to go to training seminars that have good entertainment and things to do between sessions? Now that sounds a lot more fun then sitting on a campus all day trying to stay awake for a lecture.
I personally like to learn new things. Anything from new technologies, and strategies to business management and being a better mom. So going to an event where they have huge product launches with new products and training sessions excites me.
One of the best parts about these events is you always walk away with a ton of Scentsy products and swag. It’s fun to see what new fragrances are coming and what form they are coming out in (ie Sanitizing foam, solid stick perfume, etc).
Scentsy does a good job of making it fun and educational at the same time. This makes it feel a lot more like a vacation than a cram session for an up coming exam.

Reason #7 Why to Join Scentsy: The Best Opportunity

The word opportunity is over used these days. Honestly, when most people hear it they run the other direction. As sad as this is, it has become the trained response of many people so they don’t have to change.
An opportunity is a situation where you have a choice to be in a better position than you are right now. Why would you run from that? The only reason why is because your afraid of change and failure. These are normal feelings, but they need to be addressed before you can move forward.
The fact is, you can’t take advantage of opportunity if you don’t change what you are doing. If you didn’t have to change then it would just be status quo and not an opportunity to do better / be more successful.
Scentsy is the best opportunity because it can (and has) provided many people with the freedom that they want/envy. In addition to the financial opportunity it is a positive environment. A lot of times people will have “opportunities” to get in a good financial situation but it requires a major sacrifice, often more severe than is worth it. With Scentsy you will be able to maintain your physical body, sanity and your integrity. For those reasons alone it is better than 95% of anything else out there.
But what really puts it over the top is that it will train you to work and become a master at self discipline (or at least a lot better than you are now). If you really want to live off of your own hard work, then you first need to work hard. If you want to live off of you own laziness, then grab a piece of cardboard and write a sad story about your starving family and dog on it and stand on the street corner. 
Scentsy will take you to heights you never thought you could reach, but only if you have the courage to seize this opportunity.

Reason #6 Why to Join Scentsy: Only $99 to start

The entrepreneurial spirit is great to have. To start a successful company can cost thousands to millions of dollars. People go in to debt for years and years before even making their first dime. Unfortunately, more often than not their businesses fail and they are strapped with the debt of a failed business for years to come.
Scentsy is like having all of the potential reward with comparatively no risk. How hard is it to come up with $99? Sure it doesn’t come easy, you wont get it by watching the latest episode of The Biggest Looser. At the minimum wage of 7.25 an hour it only takes about 14 hours of work.
Think about that. In trade for those 14 hours or work you get to take advantage of an opportunity that can change your life forever. That is incredible! People immigrate to this country saving for YEARS and literally risk life and limb just to get the same opportunity that you are getting for 14 hours of work. 
For many of us, $99 is like sacrificing a night out on the town. That is one less movie and restaurant in your life, in exchange for freedom. Lots are re-investing their tax refunds.
The $99 is a steal. You are actually getting about $200 dollars worth of Scentsy products and business supplies in the Scentsy starter kit. It is only available to NEW Scentsy consultants. If I could I’d buy that pack a few times over just for all of the bonuses. I’d be able to make good money just selling the items that come with it.
You can’t realistically expect to start a real business for any less. To be able to join Scentsy for only 99$ is really a blessing. In fact Scentsy is meeting you in the middle and eating some of the cost, just to help you get started. The cost is not something to shun from, but to be glad that you get so much for such a little investment.
Many consultants make back their initial investment of $99 in their first party.

Reason #5 Why to Join Scentsy: Huge Discounts

I personally love the Scentsy products. I enjoy having the candle warmers going with my favorite fragrances. I think the Scentsy Buddies are adorable and amazing. The scent circles are perfect in the car. I love all of it, Scentsy doesn’t have any bad products.
When you join Scentsy you get 20% off of all the products as part of your own sales commission. This enables you to either save the money or spend it and get even more back. Not to mention that you get to utilize your own hostess only reward combos. In the end this puts your savings way above what you would normally get as a regular customer.
Not only do I like to use the Scentsy products. I love to use them as gifts for people. Scentsy candle warmers are one of those items that people really enjoy getting and use for a long time. The additional discounts help make that possible.

Reason #4 Why to Join Scentsy: Tax Advantages

The first step in getting rich isn’t getting more money, but stopping people from taking your money. In the US there are a lot of ways small businesses can save money. These are called tax write offs.
When you sign up and start selling Scentsy products you will be using a lot of different things for business purposes that you weren’t before.
For Example:
  • Car: You drive around to Scentsy Parties. Advertise your business on your car.
  • Internet: You need to access the main Scentsy web site to manage orders. Access your own personal Scentsy website. Email contacts. Network with people. etc.
  • Cell Phone: People call you with orders or information.
These are just the things your normally have but didn’t write off before you decided to sell Scentsy. In addition to this you can write off any Scentsy business supplies or products you order.
For details see your accountant.

Reason #3 Why to Join Scentsy: A Way to Give Back

In life it is nice to receive, but without a doubt it is even better to give and really make a difference in someone’s life. With Scentsy there are many ways to give back.
Scentsy has a fundraiser model all setup for consultants to use to help them sponsor a fundraiser for someone. This enables consultants to find people that are really in need and help them out. 
Here are some examples of fundraising needs that Scentsy can help with:
  • Raising money for a cancer patient
  • Help a school get the money they need for supplies
  • Get needed funds for a charitable organization
  • Give an opportunity for a scout troop to go to camp
Scentsy Fundraising provides a way for consultants to help individuals and organizations. 
Many people these days are in need of employment and a way to provide for their family. With Scentsy you are able to give these people a way to do this.
Scentsy consultants do not need prior training. To be a successful consultant you only need to have the will and determination. In many cases where people have financial need, they will have both of those qualities.
This allows you to train people and stand on their own two feet. When you “teach a man to fish” you have just given them a life time of financial security and independence. As you watch the consultant grown, the reward for the mentor is not only financial, but also emotionally rewarding for years to come.
Scentsy the Company
It is very satisfying to know that you are working for a company that really cares about other people. Scentsy picks two foundations every year to design and create a product for. All proceeds from those products are donated directly to those foundations. In addition to that, Scentsy is known for making large donation to organizations. You may have seen an example of this on the today show.
When you join Scentsy you unlock many different ways of helping people. These are all great ways to say thanks for all the blessings that you have been given by others. 

Reason #2 Why to Join Scentsy: Free Time

There is nothing quite like enjoying the fruits of your labor. Once you have your Scentsy business going in full swing you will find you can schedule to have free time whenever you like.
Free time is such a rare commodity these days. People are always busy with work and responsibilities. When you get to schedule your own free time you are no longer restricted to the same set of rules other people are. For example, most people have to go shopping, maintain their car, run errands, or even see movies when normal time permits. This usually means they need to go during lunch or after work.
When you control your free time you enable yourself to do what you want to do when you want to do it. So instead of running errands during lunch when everyone else it, you can go do it at 10:30 am or 2:30 pm when no one else is and you can avoid all of the crowds.
I’ve saved the best for last. When you have free time you are able to spend time with your kids whenever you want. Do you want to drop them off and pick them up from school every day? Attend all of their extra curricular activities? How about participate in school activities when parents are invited? You can do all of this when you control you own free time.

Reason #1 Why to Join Scentsy: Life Changing

Joining Scentsy will change your life in many ways. The most obvious way is you will be a happier person because your house will smell great all the time.
You will also be a happier person for several other reasons:
Once you have built your business up and are living off of yourself, you will truly be free. Right now most people are working when other people tell them to work and are living where other people tell them to live. All of this because they are stuck in the job they are in. They are the modern day slave. When you brake those shackles you take a whole ton of weight off of your back. You wake up a free person and you are happier because of it.
  • You are happier because you can help others become independent as well. It feels great to help others get out from under the thumb of “The Man”
  • You are happier because you are able to make more money then you have ever been able to before and you know that you will always be paid fairly for your hard work. No more competing against fellow team members at work, clawing and gnashing for the “big” annual raise of 2% (in the best case scenario). No more corporate games and drama. 
  • You’re happier because of all the other 14 of the 15 reasons to join Scentsy
When you are a happier person, your character changes. People like being around you more, things stress you out less in life. Your patience for problems and obstacles improves. All of this, because you made the choice to join Scentsy and build a business that pays back in more ways than you can tell.
Join Scentsy

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