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Top Ten Reasons You Should Have Scentsy in Your Home

Top Ten Reasons You Should Have Scentsy in Your Home
written by: Edie Anne

It's not often you can come across a product that becomes a staple in people's homes.  Scentsy has been around for over 13 years and is now becoming a household name!  Why?  Well let me tell you the top 10 reasons everyone should have Scentsy in their homes.

1. Scentsy delivers fragrance in so many different delivery systems, it's bound to have something you can use. From warmers and wax to diffusers and oils, from laundry care and cleaning to scent paks and sprays.  There is something you can use to add fragrance to your home.

2. Love candles but don't love the flame?  Well Scentsy is flame-less and soot free! No long term wall staining. So icky chemicals being ingested into your lungs. Scentsy provides fragrance to your home, car or body without having to light a fire!

3. Scentsy is kids and pet safe.  Our Scentsy products are all non-toxic.  Our wax is a food grade paraffin wax, same as used on apples and our Oils are natural and essential oils created with some of the best botanicals in the world.  Can't promise our wax tastes good but it won't harm you if you ingest it.  And pretty sure it will come out the same color it went in.....  LOL (a little humor there) Scentsy's kids products like the Buddies are super cute and totally made for the kids!  Adults love them too.  Bathe your kids in the bath smoothies too.  Smell great and safe for our little ones!

4. Scent affects mood.  Want to lift your spirits or take a walk down memory lane?  Then Scentsy Fragrances can help. Whether it's by diffuser or warmer you can add fragrance to any relaxing atmosphere or liven up the crowd while entertaining guests. Bring Grandma's cookies to life and Mom's flower garden inside.  Aromatherapy has been used for decades and should be a consistent part of your life.  Even Scentsy's skin and groom products help you personally smell your best. You could potentially be creating new memories. Maybe #4 is what your kids will always remember Dad smelling like or #9 reminds them of how Mom used to smell.

5. When it comes to adding scent to your home does the way it looks make a difference?  Well Scentsy offers some amazing looking warmers to match any home decor.  Their beautiful craftsmanship is top notch. They go through many processes and in some cases hand paint them to create high-quality and long lasting art pieces.

6. High quality on a low budget. Scentsy has such an assortment of products to provide you with scent that any budget will be able to afford it. Ranging from $2 to $130 there is something for everyone.  But really even better than that, Scentsy gives you the opportunity to get product for free and half off.  By hosting a party or gathering up orders from your friends and family for just $200 (that only 5 people spending $40) you can get yourself a free mini warmer or a whole six pack of wax bars for $5.  It's really very simple.  Ask me and I will help you get your free credit!

7. Best Laundry care products around!  Seriously they smell amazing but they clean really great too!  Doing laundry never looked so fun and smelled so incredible!  HE compatible and easy!  Kids will love scooping the washer whiffs in and pumping the laundry liquid!  So you need this to help get your kids do their chores!

8. You will be the hit of the neighborhood!  Scentsy makes the best gifts ever.  Having extra Scentsy in your home will make you the BEST GIFT GIVER EVER when you wrap up a new warmer and bar of wax for the new neighbors.  But when you are doing laundry and you have your dryer running and the yard smells amazing from the dryer vent, your neighbors will call to find out what that amazing scent is coming from your yard!

9. Want your kids or maybe even you to sleep better, or concentrate better while doing homework or feel more awake or invigorated while cleaning the house?  Then you need Scentsy products in your home!  Find the right fragrances for you!  Mix and match them up from room to room.  Create your own recipes by mixing cubes of wax together or drops of oils together.  Create your own luxury castle getaway through fragrance!

10. And lastly you should have Scentsy in your home as a means to travel, make more money, empower yourself, be your own entrepreneur, meet more friends and create a legacy for you and your family.  By being a Consultant you can help all your friends and family and so many others have these top 10 reasons to have Scentsy in their home or even better in their life!

Want Scentsy in your home.... or better yet in your life....  just let me know!  You can send me an email or call me at (207)398-4104 or by contacting me through my website

Edie Anne & Marissa


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