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What Is The Inspired Living Application?

For the people who don’t completely understand the iLA concept and platform, I’m going to give you the “Nuts and Bolts” of the Inspired Living App in a Nutshell. The online world has been in a perpetual buzz, since the announcement of this exciting opportunity. iLA has gone Viral worldwide with 32,000 associates in only 24 days of it’s existence.
   What Is The Inspired Living Application?
The Inspired Living Application is simply a Personal Growth and Self Development Application. iLA Associates have been given the opportunity to participate in the marketing of this new mobile application through a company called iLA, owned by CEO John Rodgers. The iLA App is in Pre-launch and will be released to the marketplace on Feb 1st, 2013.
Who Created The App?
The iLA App was created by John Marr. 
How Much Does It Cost To Become An Associate?
  • Enroll two retail customers for $6.95
  • Associates, or Reps can participate in the marketing of the Inspired Living Application for $9.95/Month.
What Types of Information Will The Application Deliver?
The iLA App will deliver high quality, professionally produced  videos directly to your computer, Smart Phone, i Pad, or your mobile device on a weekly basis. Some of the most coveted video taped interviews, with some of the most successful people in history, will be available to Inspired Living App subscribers and associates only.
The iLA videos include topics such as:
  • Personal Growth
  • Self Development
  • Financial Planning
  • Time Management Tips
  • Goal Setting
  • Business Development
There really is no limit to the content that can be delivered via the Inspired Living Application.
How Do I Get Paid If I Decide To Join iLA?
Inspired Living App Associates get paid in many ways. To review the compensation plan, please watch the video below as John Rodgers, CEO of iLA as he explains.

Is There Any Risk If I Join iLA?
Inspired Living Application has a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the Inspired Living Application, iLA will immediately refund your $9.95 within the first 30 days of your enrollment.
Is This A Pyramid Scam?
A pyramid scam/scheme is a non sustainable business model that that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public.
iLA’s product is a mobile application, so the answer is NO, iLA is Not a pyramid scheme as it is a sustainable business WITH a product.
If you would like to hear an interview with iLA’s Legal Counsel Kevin Thompson and John Rodgers, the CEO of iLA…You can click here to listen.
Who Can Join ILA?
Ila is open to folks Worldwide.
Why Would I Join iLA IF I Can Get The App For Free?
Although you may be able to download the iLA App for free, you will not have access to any of it’s video content until you become a retail customer or a subscriber. The only way to do this, is through the Inspired Living Application’s website, or through one of it’s associates.
What If I Just Want The Content But Don’t Want To Build A Business With Ila?
You can simply become a subscriber and benefit from the content of the iLA App. If you decide to build a business with iLA, you will immediately become a home business owner. Under the law, home based business owners qualify for some of the largest tax benefits in America. More information on home business tax savings can be found on Dr. Ron Mueller’s Site.
Why Are So Many People Joining iLA?
Folks are joining iLA for many reasons:
  • At $9.95 iLA Is Extremely Affordable
  • Because of it’s Affordable Price, iLA Appeals To The Masses
  • The iLA Business Platform Is Simple and Completely Duplicatable
  • The Compensation Plan Is Very Appealing
  • Enrolling Folks Is As Easy As Pushing A Button On Your Smartphone Or E-Mailing Them A Video
  • Folks From All Walks Of Life Are Looking For Extra Streams Of Income Due To The Poor Economy
  • The ILA Leadership Is Top Notch In The Home Based Business Industry
  • The iLA Community Includes Facebook Mastermind Groups Including John Rodgers, The CEO of Inspired Living Apps who is a member and a participant.
~ Perhaps the MOST important reason Inspired Living Application is appealing, is NEVER before, has the exploding mobile application industry been coupled with Direct Sales and Network Marketing. This is a First of it’s kind in the history of home business and mobile technology. The Inspired Living Application Team and it’s Leaders, are on the forefront of one of the most exciting technology driven business opportunities of it’s kind. ~
If you were invited to look at this Inspired Living Application information by someone other than me, please contact them if you are interested in becoming part of their team.
If you were invited by me and would like to Join me and my Ila team, you can do so by Clicking this Link To Enroll.
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