Thursday, January 5, 2017

what do you mean?

Friend: Edie Why do you sell Scentsy?

Edie: I love what I do. I help people, I make people's houses and clothes smell good but the main thing is I get to help change people's lives.

Friend: Don't you think that is a bit far fetched or even cliche'? You change people's lives, come on Edie. Really?

Edie: Ok well look at it this way.  People have joined my team that have no self esteem...  within a few months of learning then running their business you see a bit more confidence from them. Their life is changed.  People join my team that can't buy presents for their kids for Christmas and this year they had the best Christmas ever. Their life is changed. People join my team that have kids and don't feel like they have a life. They never get to go anywhere.  Now they get to earn places like Punta Cana or even NY to travel to. Never would have dreamed of being able to go to places like that. Their life is changed.  People join my team that don't have many or even any friends. The live a life alone and feel unloved. In this business they learn that Scentsy is a family.  We love our family and they make friends.... lifelong friends.  Their life is changed.

Friend: ok ok I get it....  but then what about all the consultants around where I live?  There are too many of them.

Edie: Really? Direct Sales Association says there should be comfortably 1 consultant to every 200 customers.  Not everyone sells full time and there are still ALOT and I mean ALOT of people who still don't even know what Scentsy is? So yea I may have saturated my town of 192 people but even in my neighboring town of 4500 they would need 22 consultants to take care of all the population. And Again, not everyone runs their business full time like I do. Some join for a discount on their own purchases, some join to sell to their friends and family only, some join to sell part time and then some join to have it become their career.

Friend: So what's your favorite thing about Scentsy?

Edie: I would have to say the friendships and the traveling!  I have been able to visit places I would have never dreamed of like Greece and crossing my fingers for Africa this summer.  But on top of that are the lifetime friendships I have made.  True caring sisterly friendships.

Friend: So do you think I could do what you do?  I have never sold anything before?

Edie: Good I don't want you to sell anyway. I want you to share. You like Scentsy right? Well then share it with people like you would a good restaurant.  Incorporate it into your life so you never have to find balance between the two; life and Scentsy. Wanna join? I would love to have you on my team and with all the questions you have I can already tell you would do awesome!! Let me help.

Friend: (this is where you, my friend, tell me if you wanna join)

Scentsy Consultant already? Thinking of borrowing my post? You know I love you girls but create one from the heart like I did. They work better and let your friends see why you really want to share this with them. Its life changing right? :) (Thanks Jill!)

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