Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Scent-a-Day with EdieAnne -Sunkissed Citrus

A Scent-a-Day with EdieAnne Sunkissed Citrus A lively blend of oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit.  Are you in a funk? Need to rejuvenate? Try a citrus smell to energize and refresh glum spirits. Something to think about: While sniffing a particular scent can trigger specific moods, it’s hardly automatic. Scents trigger moods because of associative learning— the way our brains tie things together due to past experiences. Before the mind can link an odor to a particular mood, it first needs to associate that odor with an event or experience. The olfactory bulbs, the part of the brain responsible for receiving information about odors, are linked to areas of the brain that deal with emotions and associative learning. This explains why the smell of rubbing alcohol might remind someone of an unpleasant doctor’s visit, or the smell of freshly baked cookies conjures up an image of Grandma. In one study, subjects who had memories evoked through odor rather than words recalled memories from farther back in time and were more emotionally stimulated by the recollections[1]. But not all scents are created equal: another study suggests that happiness, disgust, and anxiety elicit the strongest olfactory responses, while sadness and anger have the weakest links to odors. https://edieanne.scentsy.us/Scentsy/Buy/ProductDetails/SB-SKC