Thursday, December 27, 2012

Outstanding Sponsor — Edie Cote

Outstanding Sponsor — Edie Cote

Scentsy Fragrance Consultants often say,
“Scentsy sells itself,” and for Edie Cote,
that sealed the deal to come on board.
“I was working for another direct sales
company at the time and was putting
together a holiday extravaganza. My
friend messaged me and suggested I
put up a table for Scentsy,” Edie said.
“Knowing she wasn’t going to be there
(she lived eight hours away from me), I
hesitated and told her I couldn’t give it
the attention needed. So she told me to
just plug in the warmer and put out the
catalogs and order forms on a table and
leave them there.  “When the evening was complete, I had sold $300 of Scentsy and NEVER once stepped over to the table to help anyone or answered any questions!” she said.  When Edie first started out as a Consultant, she was just looking for something to kill time.   “It was going to be a hobby,” she said. “I had just recently stopped working outside the house and was trying to make a go of it.”

Today, Edie has fully embraced Scentsy not only as a career but as a way of life.  “I was surprised how easily it has all come to me and how easily I have grown to LOVE it and the family I inherited,” she said. “I have been able to inspire and influence people to become better people. It’s not just about joining a company and having a career; it’s about changing the way we think to be more positive. This is the catalyst to my success as a person.”

Edie loves sharing her experience with others and watching them grow and accomplish their own goals.
“Although money is a great influencer, it is not my driver,” she said. “I am fully focused on sharing the opportunity with others in order for them to have their lives changed in a way they need and then to pay it forward. I coined the phrase: ‘In order to sponsor, you need to Talk Scentsy, Live Scentsy & Share Scentsy.’ ”

With Scentsy Family brands, there is something for everyone, Edie said.  “Scentsy continues to provide a stimulating atmosphere for all its Consultants by adding new products and brands for us to choose and by creating multiple streams of income and opportunities for everyone,” she said.  Edie inspires her fellow Consultants by reminding them we are the results of our own actions.  “You have the ability to create a life of  abundance,” she said. “You decide what abundance means to you — should it be an abundance of money,  an abundance of time, or an abundance of love. You CAN have all three. You have to want it, strive for it,  and achieve it. Never give up; never give in; and always be true to YOU!”  ~EdieAnne