Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Where's the Wax Wednesday #WWW (Baked Apple Pie)

Good Morning and Welcome to the First Wednesday of Where's the Wax! What is #WWW about, you ask?

Every Wednesday we will explore and learn about each scent of wax from the Scentsy Fragrance line. Learn about mixes, combinations and where they go well.

See it's one thing to know what a scent is, what's in it...  but another to know where it works.... hence the Where's the Wax....  get it?  LOL  

So today I want to start with an easy one... just to get us going.  

It's described as a Flaky crust, apples and spices combined in a strong scent.  So if it's strong (which it is) a larger room would be where it needs to go.  Not going to recommend the bathroom... LOL  Having it in the bedroom I suppose would be ok, but be prepared for the hardcore bakery dreams coming your way!  So the obvious place is the kitchen right?  If you are like me and have an open concept kitchen and living room, then maybe have the Baked Apple Pie in the kitchen and a complimenting scent in the living room.  I do that often.  We will talk more about mixing in later WWW episodes!  :)  Creating an environment of home baked food is a very comforting feeling, so have this scent ready to warm on the days the in-laws are coming!  They will never complain about your cooking again!  xoxo

Well thank you for joining us today for this First Wednesday of Where's the Wax!  I would love your comments left below and I would also LOVE suggestions on scents you would like to have discussed and explored!  

Till next week....  "Keep the Flames extinguished and Get your Scentsy Warming!"