Thursday, February 21, 2013

Did someone say Costa Rica?

Each year I think we all go through our moments of wanting to get out of Dodge. Is it because we become complacent?  Are we just wanting to get away and see new things?  What, however is the number 1 reason we don't go?  Yes, money.  Hard cashola.  Frustrating as it might be we all run into those times that we just can't seem to gather up enough money to take a trip.  Well, I have something to share with you all today.  
2 years ago, I became an entrepreneur for a company that would be the catalyst of change for me.  I have worked very hard all my life to achieve the best life could offer.  Always a penny short.  I know a few of your are knodding your heads in agreement. Ok so the job is to make extra money to enjoy life a bit more with my hunny and family! I never expected to add traveling and meeting the most amazing people to the mix.  Last year, 1 year into my journey with my company, I earned and they sent me, for FREE to an all inclusive resort in Punta Cana!  Talk about paradise.  My hunny and I spent 6 days in the sun and heat and enjoyed ourselves tremendously as we were spoiled by not only the company I work with but by all the employees at the resort. I swam with the sharks & stingrays (an item on my bucket list) Can you say amazingly blessed!!  So that takes us to today, 2 years into the business.  Typically we work to earn the money to travel to these exotic places.  Yup AGAIN, I earned and they are sending me, for FREE to an all inclusive resort in Costa Rica!  Talk about paradise. So I am getting paid to have my business and share with people and they are also paying for me to travel.....  Pretty sure that is what they call a win win situation.  
I can't wait for this adventure. #2 on my bucket list has been to go Zip Lining....  
Guess what they are paying for me to go do!!!!!!!!