Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

Tomorrow will be 17 years since you left us. I miss you everyday. You see I know when you left I was struggling in my life. Can you see me here now? You would be so proud. Let me introduce Ben to you. You would love him Dad. Your grandchildren were almost 1 and 3. Can you see them now? You would be so proud. They are beautiful adults now. You have 2 more grand-kids now too! Ben is such a good Dad! Just like you! I can still feel your hugs, Dad and I promise the next time I see you I won't break your ribs when I hug you. ok, Dad? Sometimes I think when the sun is shining it must be because you are smiling. Your smile was so bright and infectious! It was beautiful and I remember it well. Watch over us now Dad. Tomorrow, instead of recognizing it as the day you left us, I will celebrate it with the memories of the time you were with us. Laughing, smiling, joking, "frog dives", "tomahawk trails" and one more minute in the workshop. I miss you Dad and I CANNOT wait to see you again!