Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Welcome Scentsy Family to Mexico!!

Scentsy Family is coming to Mexico!  

Mexico is an amazing fit for the direct selling business model, and fragrance and fashion (Grace Adele, another Scentsy Family Company will also be coming to Mexico September 1, 2013) are two areas that are either growing or already established in the economy. I’m excited that our Scentsy Family is growing!  I hope to welcome you to the Scentsy Family as you begin your Scentsy Mexico journey.

What are the Scentsy Family Products?

In the US, Scentsy Fragrance offers a wide variety of products: Wickless Candle Warmers with choices of low-watt light bulbs or heating elements (no flame, no soot, no wax build-up), as well as bath, body, sun care, and laundry care products.   Also coming to Mexico is Grace Adele.  A fashion forward trending offering of bags & accessories, providing you with "Looks" to make your friends envious. As a new country opens a ground-floor opportunity for Scentsy Consultants, product offerings will be a bit more limited.  I can’t wait to see the new Scentsy Mexico 2013 Catalog!

How can I help build and support your Scentsy Mexico Team?

1) I will plan on a virtual team.  This is not something new to me as I have team members all over the US, Canada, and Europe.  I use Skype, FaceTime, and other social media to support my team and I will do the same for you in Australia.  We also have FREE online tools from Scentsy Corporate to help in your success.

2) I will give you a stellar start!  I’ll walk you through the Scentsy Family Start-Up Guide and help you plan with a purpose.  We’ll focus on strategies for a successful launch party, and set goals to reach every new consultant award that Scentsy has to offer.

Scentsy will also have dedicated Consultant Experience teams for Mexico.   This way they can ensure that the Consultant Experience Representatives are knowledgeable about the new market, and that the hours of operation will be appropriate for you.

How are items taxed in Mexico ?

Mexico has a Value Added Tax (VAT) of 16 percent. In both countries, the added tax must be included in the listed price of products. For instance, if a Grace Adele Bag is listed at $1,485 (MXN), that price is VAT inclusive.

How are commissions calculated in countries that use different currencies than the US?

Scentsy has a global Compensation Plan that is designed to support multiple countries.  The commission calculation is: PRV x Commission Percentage x Peg Rate = Commission amount in local currency.

Current peg rates:
United States: 1
Canada: 1.2
Australia: 1.3
Mexico: 16

How much does a Scentsy Mexico Start-Up Kit Cost?

The Scentsy Fragrance Starter Kit for Mexico is $1,799 (MXN) 
The Grace Adele Starter Kit for Mexico is $3,699 (MXN)   
These kits are based on the current Region 1 Starter Kits, and will include roughly the same items.  These items are subject to change.

Where will the Scentsy Mexico products be shipped from?

Scentsy Mexico products will be shipped to Mexican Scentsy Consultants and customers from within Mexico.  Scentsy policy to ship orders within 10 business days of the order date will extend to Mexican Scentsy Consultants and customers.

Scentsy Family will host meetings in Mexico:

There will be welcome meetings coming soon and I would encourage anyone that would like to attend to do so. Corporate will be there, and I sure would like to attend as well. 

Contact me if you need more information.

Scentsy Fragrance & Grace Adele will be a HUGE success in Mexico!  I would love to be your mentor and share my passion for your success in building your business there.  Scentsy Mexico 2013 is a ground-floor opportunity and I can’t wait to see the growth!

Would you also refer anyone you may know that would be a great fit for this company and my team?  
I am very excited about this adventure South of the Border!!!  xoxox