Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Caps & Gowns

Is it possible?  Is it possible to go so fast? Is it possible to find yourself 20 years later in the blink of an eye? Well my friends the answer is YES!  YIKES!  As the kiddos go back to school today it makes me think of the first days....  the days they were lugging backpacks and lunch boxes because it was cool.  Having begun a relationship 6 years ago with the most wonderful man, I was lucky enough to gain 2 more children besides my own 2.  Does it make me feel younger... hmmm not sure.  My 2 have graduated high school and are now in college. So to have the younger 2 just starting the teenage years, makes me a bit crazy I think LOL.  If anything it doesn't make me feel younger but it makes me miss the teenage years of my own 2 children.  This year marks a big year in my life and my son's.  He will be graduating college with a 4 year Degree in Business. Another day of caps and gowns but this time.... his last time.  He adulthood has begun and that dear friends makes me feel old.  You know why?  I remember being that age and having life by the horns.... or at least I thought so.  My baby girl is graduating from The School of Cosmetology in a year and that will be it!  My kids will be adults and will be free in the world!  I am hoping that the skills and the positive attitude I have instilled in them the last few years will be enough.  It will be enough to get them through, enough to let them see the good out there, enough to bring them joy and happiness to themselves and to share with others!  As for the 2 youngest that I gained by proxy :)  They will remind me daily that life is short, that life is really what you make of it.  They get the benefit of me going through it first with my 2, then sharing the results with them.  :)  They may not see it as a benefit.... but they will!  May you see your journey as a gift and enjoy every moment!