Friday, September 13, 2013

Skunk?????? What the??

Houston we have a problem!!! I have a skunk under the deck of our main entrance!!!!!! It's too low for him to raise his tail thank goodness, but I saw his fur coming up through the boards... He's ALIVE!!! AAAHHHH!!!! If you come over, use the garage entrance .... hehehe I need a humane skunk trap!! Last thing I need is my house smelling like 50 year old sweaty socks for a week! Plus puppy needs to pee........ LOL Oh Lord!

ok so now funny story.... and comical site to see....  So starting at about 8:30 I decided I was going to flush him out. Bucket after bucket of water .... like in the range of 50.... got thrown, poured and dropped onto the deck..... first in the direction I wanted him to go out... like squeezing a tube of toothpaste. NOTHING.... back and fort from the sink to the door... drop the water and scurry to close the door. drop the water and scurry to close the door. drop the water and scurry to close the door. 
NOTHING! Stand and watch through the window... NOTHING! So now I figure it's time to get smelly... like maybe a smell he won't like. Soap... like a floor soap.... back and forth on one end of the porch so not to get him but instead push him out! NOTHING! UGGG... Least my deck is clean now. LOL 

Last straw... I head down to the end of the house turn on the hose, lug it to the front of the house and away I spray, back and forth, from one end to the other........ and you know what? NOTHING!!!!! Honestly I saw fur and I saw it moving under there..... and I smelled a tinge of skunk...... I think i am losing my mind....