Friday, September 27, 2013

What is Network Marketing or Direct Sales

I am amazed by what I am part of. Network Marketing also known as Direct Sales is a distribution system. The nice part about Direct Sales, is you get a chance to OWN a distribution company. It's like a franchise with franchising being the big boy model but it gives you the flexibility to not have square footage, shipping, liabilities, the advertising, the employee overhead, etc. There are systems already in place with structure and support, but it lets the average person get into a business model without the financial limitations. It gives you the option to plug into a proven system. Yes one that has been tried, adjusted, tried and implemented. 

The concept of Network Marketing or Director Sales is learning and helping someone else to learn.... it's everyone helping everyone!

Starting your own business can cost A LOT of money.  Many times people need to get loans, re-finance your home and or save for years.  As mentioned earlier, joining a network marketing company is much like investing in a franchise.  You represent a brand and the company provides you with products, training and more.  The key difference is that you can join the Direct Sales company for a fraction of the investment of most franchises, plus the income potential seems to be beyond what many can initially comprehend. The sky is the limit. There are people making part time, full time and big time income. 

It really has to do with your efforts and your productivity. You really do need to treat it like a business. Again what you put into it is what you will get out of it. The more you support your network or team, the more they will succeed and the more you will succeed.
Direct Sales gives you freedom.  Freedom to take time off, to spend time with your family. Freedom to allow life to happen.  It gives you freedom to travel the world and in some Direct Sales companies that also means travel the world FOR free. Will you work for it?  Yes. But it will be worth it! There is definitely a quality of life that is added through Direct Sales.  In some cases it gives people a second chance at life!

“If I lost everything and had to start again, I would find myself a great network marketing company and get to work!” ~Donald Trump

Network Marketing/Direct Sales takes a lot of work and patience. But with passion and drive, the rewards are incredible. 

I belong to a Direct Sales company. I own my own little piece of the franchise.  I put a lot of effort into my business but in return I get the freedom, recognition and friendships worth having.  You can too…… 

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