Monday, October 7, 2013

Living Authentically!

Something to ponder on: So often when we're upset with our partner, friend or relative, we "decide" that it's their fault. "If only they would...." Then we are in victim mode rather than in creator mode. One (of the so many more than I can count) of the things I love about Train Your Brain with Dana Wilde, is that it brings the focus back on us being responsible for how our lives show up. In every way. Creating a mantra and saying/focusing on that mantra changes how we behave in the world which creates a ripple effect similar to dropping a stone in a lake. Those around us can't help but react differently, because our mind, the Reticular Activating System, HAS to do matchy matchy ~ the people around us show up differently to us. So simple and yet when we're in the thick of things.... so difficult. Here's what's really funny: Most of the time the people around us haven't changed at all, it's us who change which gives us a different point of view. Thank you Dana Corey for your amazing words. Tonight as I sit watching Life Class with Dr. Brene Brown and Oprah, I understand the story I tell myself is the story I live out. In order to be authentic I must believe the story I tell myself and what better way to do that than through mantras. In order to be authentic you must be vulnerable. But being vulnerable allows you to feel true love. According to Tony Robbins you need to feel Certainty – the need to be safe and comfortable, Variety – the need for physical and mental stimulation, Significance – the need to feel special and worthy of attention, Love & Connection – the need to be loved and connected to others, Growth – the need to develop and expand and Contribution – the need to contribute beyond yourself. So change your story and live authentically!