Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mind Games!

It's important to remember that our mind plays a HUGE role in our everyday actions.  I think sometimes we forget and run through the day on auto pilot.  Did you ever find yourself driving along and all of a sudden wonder how you got to where you are.  You weren't asleep  but your subconscious took over the driving while your conscious mind thought of other things... like lunch, work, kids....  A conversation last night allowed me to remember that we may not have control of how we initially feel about something but we certainly have control on how we stay feeling or how we cope with that feeling.  You see our lives consist of many obstacles that can either be seen as roadblocks or as opportunities.  The choice you make will determine the way you feel.
I'm not saying that feeling hurt, sad, angry or happy are feelings that can easily be changed but through your own thoughts you can determine whether they stay and fester or make their way through the emotional scale where you end up in just the right mood.  Here let me give you an example. If you are in an abusive relationship and the other person is telling you that you are not a good person and you hear this over and over again for years....  guess what happens?  You begin to believe it or at least second guess yourself. Now if you leave that situation and you begin to tell yourself a different story that you are amazing, then over time you will begin to believe this as well.  If a shy girl tells herself she is an outgoing person everyday for a year, it's been proven that this girl will no longer be shy.  It really boils down to the story we tell ourselves.  What story are you telling yourself ABOUT yourself?  Is it time to change it?