Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It's starting again... I am ready to be a success! Are you?

You all know how much I have loved my positive affirmations and the re-training of my brain. I have given credit to some training I have done in the last 5 years and feel obligated to tell you that it is coming again. A while back I was introduced to some amazing people who have shaped my life since then. I have learned different things from all of them and have become friends with most of them. These people and techniques were introduced to me through a program called The Mind Aware Series. We learned about our businesses and we learned about ourselves. This series was brought to us by a wonderful woman named Dana Wilde. 3 years ago, she introduced a program called Train Your Brain which she has since published a book about. This program was my turning point. It's what taught me to cope to believe and to flourish. If I believed in it... then it must be possible! My words and my thoughts were lined up for success whether for business or for life in general. I know I would not be where I am today if it hadn't been for the catalyst of Scentsy with the alignment of Dana. Well she is offering her training for free right now!!! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER You can register to be part of what has changed my outlook and my life. I would never tell you that you have to do something, but this..... I strongly suggest ;) And when you get the chance go buy her book. Train your Brain by Dana Wilde on Amazon.com I promise you won't be sorry with either the book or the training. Honestly we are 3 years past and I have listened to the training I bought from here at least 6 times... it's an amazing refresher!! ♥ BTW I am registering for her free training.... I can never get enough. so see you there! CLICK HERE FOR FREE WEBINAR