Friday, April 25, 2014

What is BNS?

Someone asked me the other day, "Why did you pick the name Beauty n' Scents & More and what is The BNS Network?"  Well my answer is easy.  When I first started out I was selling Avon, hence the Beauty and then added Scentsy, hence the Scents and then they added Velata, hence the & More lol.....  The issue came when I decided to no longer sell Avon.  By then the name had already become known and I wasn't prepared to spend alot of money changing it on all my marketing materials and website and such.  Luckily, they came out with Layers by Scentsy which incorporated Beauty (bath & body) very well.  Now you ask about The BNS Network.  BNS stands for Beauty n' Scents, however Beauty n' Scents was only incorporating my Scentsy Family business and I have so much more than that going on.  I'm a Transformational Coach and have Direct Sales training, Vlogs and my many adventures in my own business/personal life on YouTube that my channel started taking a life of it's own.  This is when The BNS Network was born. It encompasses my world, my journey and my adventures.   I love these questions, so keep them coming!! So I founded The BNS Network and it grows bigger and better everyday.  You will find information about my Scentsy business on my Beauty n' Scents page and my coaching and inspiration on my BNS Network page.  Such fun things are happening all around.  
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