Monday, December 1, 2014

Pay it Forward Challenge... you up for it?

I have a challenge for everyone. It's really simple to do. 

First I need you to think back when you where a child. Remember that feeling when you found a coin on the ground? Remember that spark of joy? Now think about one time when you where an adult and where feeling down in your luck. If you looked down and there was a shiny new penny on the ground, wouldn't that have given you even just a tiny bit of hope?

Now here is the challenge.

Each time you go out shopping, to the movies, to the park, etc... Bring a small handful of change with you. Drop a coin here and there where others can find them. Or better yet, find a toy or small item that will most likely be a present. Slide a few dollars inside it and put it back on the shelf. Or stick a quarter in a bubble gum machine but don't turn the handle. I'm sure you are getting the idea.

Who is up for the challenge? Let's help the law of attraction a tiny bit and send these coins out into the universe where they just might bring a moment of joy to another human being.

#payitforward #bringjoy #givelove #loa