Monday, November 23, 2015

Objective Smoke Free - Day #22, WOW I Made a New Habit

So today marks 3 weeks and a day as a non-smoker.  Do I feel different? Well I suppose the fact that I am not needing to go outside at night or the fact that I am not thinking about my next cigarette, then yes I feel different.  If we are talking about health, no.... matter of fact I made the realization yesterday that I have been eating alot more and didn't even notice it.  My replacement of cigarettes with Tea has been a huge success, but I hadn't realized that I also had been snacking more.  So now that I have the smoking behind me I guess my focus needs to be on healthy eating.  I had been on that road before and then the Vertigo happened and I totally put the healthy eating and exercise on the back burner.  With the holidays coming, I will need to be conscious of my food types and my food consumption.
Ok but back to being a non-smoker. I am thrilled and beside myself that it was as easy as it was. I don't hardly think about it at all.  The only time I feel like I am supposed to be smoking is while I am driving.  My trip in January and February is going to be the true test.  About 24 hours of driving.  I got this though.  If I can quit then I can drive and be quit! ;) I just can't wait for me lungs to start feeling different!  It's been 32 yrs of not being able to take a really deep breath!!!!  I want that!