Sunday, November 5, 2017

The beauty is NOT it?

I don't know why but I struggle with what people say and think about me. I suppose it comes from an insecure place inside me. Most of my life I was fairly confident with what I looked like or who I am, until recently and I am always wondering if people might be saying things like, "Oh wow Edie smokes! Wow I never pictured her as a smoker! (thankfully I took care of this one) or.. Oh wow Edie has put on some weight, Wow Edie got big in the last few years. or... Huh Edie works at home but has someone cleaning her house? Must be nice!" I know people think things like this about people.

Ironically however, I have NEVER heard any of these things to my face and am not even sure if it's even being said.... so why do I care... why to I think things like that! I believe its a pretty natural place for our thoughts to go, but how we respond to those thoughts are what make or break us. Do you believe them? Do you excuse them? Do you discount them? Do you internalize them? Do you defend them?

We are all so unique and beautiful that there will be words of jealousy through hatred but when you are hearing things before they are actually said, becomes more about how you are treating yourself. "Oh they will never like me or think I am pretty cause I am too fat.... or Why would he even look my way because I am so overweight." Our beauty comes from the inside and works its way out. So the challenge is to always work on the inside....

Be kind and loving to yourself and watch how that shines through you and outwardly.
You are beautiful! You are Kind! You are Loved!
But YOU must be able to say those things to yourself first.
I am beautiful!! I am kind! I am Loved!
 Start there!

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