Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What's with the weather?

I sit here in front of my unfinished office window, looking at the river through the rain. The greens are turning brown and the browns are becoming faded. In our neck of the woods the weather is changing drastically. We are in the middle of November with NO snow and rain? A few years back an older gentleman had told me, "watch the weather my dear and I don't mean on the television, I mean in life. Watch it change, watch the sun begin to shine more and the winds pick up. The winds are changing our atmosphere. you watch, eventually we will have the Florida weather and they will have ours." I think I believe him. I lived in florida for a year and remember the kind of predictable weather we had. Cool mornings, sun beating down day and rain storm in the afternoon and then warm till dark. I haven't decided if I like the cold winter, but I do know I enjoy the way snow makes me feel. As the fog rises over the river to create those low laying clouds, I realize we are in for another nice day! Snow or no snow we are blessed to not have hurricanes and tornadoes. But will always have our green pine trees!!!! Have a scentsational day everyone!
Here is a beautiful picture of last year in December 2010!!!