Friday, December 30, 2011

Appreciation Rampage

Appreciating is understanding that what is around you was put there for you! Appreciating is knowing that what you ask for is yours! Appreciating is allowing the abundance to become part of us and flow outwardly to benefit not only ourselves but the loved ones around us. The beauty that surrounds me on a daily basis is something I never noticed till now... it is peace, it is quietness, it is pure love of being, of living, of knowing that my happiness is dependent on me and NO ONE else. That the blue jays that fly in front of my window are my pleasures, my signs. That the snow they comes down in the largest formations I have ever seen, allows me to sit back, to rethink, to re-adjust my alignment and connect on an even deeper level. I too feel as though the source speaks through me. there are times when my words are more sophisticated and flowing than those that I have ever spoken on my own. I have created my own vortex and find myself in it more times than not. When I am out, I listen and know what I want and ask for it. The manifestations that have occurred in my life until the last 4 years were those of negative and non-leading edge. the last years have cleared my line, cleared my thoughts, cleared my ability to understand, cleared my path, allowed the positive juices to run heavy through me! I appreciate the power that the source has given me... for me!