Saturday, January 21, 2012

Scentsy, Inc. Introduces Velata—A Deliciously Simple Way to Enjoy Fondue

The international party-plan company also extends its signature fragrance line with personal care products, laundry care products, and scented greeting cards

MERIDIAN, Idaho--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Scentsy, Inc., a rapidly growing, international party-plan company, today introduced a new brand—Velata, featuring a patent-pending, silicone dish on an electric warmer paired with the world’s finest quality Belgian chocolate to create a fun, easy-to-use, and delicious fondue experience.
“Scentsy products are great for bringing people together in a fun, social setting, so it was natural to introduce a complementary brand that makes it easy to have delicious party food in no time at all,” said Orville Thompson, CEO of Scentsy, Inc.
“I love the idea that a busy family can enjoy fondue together any night of the week or that a hostess can create an instant party withVelata,” said Heidi Thompson, Scentsy’s President. “Just microwave the chocolate in its package, pour into the dish, dip your favorite foods in velvety chocolate, and enjoy!”
Scentsy, Inc. executives worked with chocolate experts and manufacturers in Europe to create an extraordinary chocolate experience for customers. Velata fondue warmers use a special silicone dish that prevents heat from escaping, keeping the melted chocolate at the perfect temperature with no stirring required. The dish goes from the refrigerator to the microwave to the dishwasher with ease and eliminates the messy fountain, scorched chocolate, open flame, and complicated instructions commonly associated with a fondue experience.
Velata will be available in North America starting on May 1, 2012. Customers can initially choose from 14 beautifully designed warmers and four types of Belgian chocolate: classic milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and caramel milk chocolate. Velata chocolate comes packaged in a microwavable, six-ounce pouch with a convenient pour spout.
Scentsy, Inc. also announced two product line extensions to its flagship Scentsy Wickless brand. The fragrance products company will now offer Layers by Scentsy, a personal fragrance experience that lets customers build a signature scent using nine personal and laundry care fragrance products. The line extension includes eight new products, plus Scentsy Solid Perfume introduced in 2011. New fragrance products include shower cream, shower gel, body lotion, body butter, body spray, hand cream, Washer Whiffs—a laundry fragrance additive that dissolves in the washing machine, and Dryer Disks—a reusable, anti-static fragrance enhancer.
Layers by Scentsy products are available in six Scentsy fragrances, including Coconut Lemongrass, Luna, Quiver, Love Story, Enchanted Mist, and Sugar Cookie. Customers can choose their favorite fragrances and mix and match personal care and laundry care products to create a fragrance to suit their style.
Scentsy also introduced customizable, print-on-demand, scented greeting cards that can be purchased and mailed through an on-line store called Sincerely Scent. Each card comes with a Scent Spot, a quarter-sized, scented wafer infused with one of 15 fragrances from Scentsy’s Favorites Collection. Cards are priced at $2.85 each ($3.82 CAD) including postage.
Layers by Scentsy and Sincerely Scent will be available to customers in North America beginning March 1. Scentsy’s new brand and product line extensions are part of its strategy to help Consultants grow their businesses by providing opportunities to sell multiple products and brands to customers using their existing teams and proven systems.
“Scentsy is the first party-plan company to offer its Consultants the opportunity to sell multiple brands in multiple countries using a single global compensation plan and sales organization,” said Orville Thompson.
About Scentsy Inc.
Scentsy, Inc. is a rapidly-growing, party-plan company offering scented wickless candles with plans to offer personal care and laundry care fragrance products; customizable, scented greeting cards; and fondue warmers and foods through its Velata brand. The simplicity and value of its flagship brand, Scentsy Wickless Candles, provides a better alternative to burning wicked candles in the home and office. What began in 2004 in a 40-foot ocean container on a small sheep farm is now an international company headquartered in Meridian, Idaho. Scentsy, Inc. has more than 150,000 current Independent Consultants running home-based businesses in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. Visit us at
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