Saturday, April 28, 2012

MY BLOG for TODAY: (Day before my birthday)

MY BLOG for TODAY:  (Day before my birthday)

With all the great stuff happening in my life I do have one frustration.  It has been 14 days today with NO Diet Pepsi or soda for that matter.  Water intake has tripled.  Exercise program is in place and has commenced (fairly intensely I might add). Very proud and happy of the lifestyle changes.

NO WEIGHT LOSS!  MATTER OF FACT I HAVE GAINED 2 POUNDS.  I know that may not seem alot to some of you however, when you weigh what I weigh.... every pound is a mountain!

Yes it takes time....  but I was really expecting a WOW factor with the elimination of soda and increase in water!  I refuse to do a DIET, I want the weight to come off and stay off without having to buy special pre-packaged foods.  That is not practical for me with a family I must cook for!

God give me the strength to make this happen.  I am not at a healthy weight for my family history.  Do I feel good...  ironically I feel great!  However I am sure when it's time to get in my Punta Cana bathing suit, I will be sweating heavily with anxiety.  Then I won't feel so good.

Well that's my blog for today!  Have a Scentsational Day everyone!!