Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What do you want… that you already have? Danielle LaPorte

What do you want… that you already have?
Danielle LaPorte
I will tell you this Danielle LaPorte is making me think.  LOL Today's burning question seems a bit easy to answer.  What do I want....  money, love, happiness, success....  what everybody wants, right?  Now look at the second part of the question.  "that you already have" .  Dig deep, look within and know that I actually have all those.  Money is a perception.  How much money do we need versus how much money do we want.  I am blessed to have the J.O.B. (Journey of Believers) that allows me to make as much money as I want.  so money - check.  Next is Love....  oh I got love folks.  My children are love, my family is love, my boyfriend is love, the outdoors is love and my fur babies are love.  The more important thing is, do I give Love!!!  i hope and pray that I give out as much love as I know I get.  so love - check.  Next is happiness.... this one is easy.... if you have love you have happiness...  so happiness - check.   Lastly is success.  Danielle talks about this.  How do you measure success and what is success to YOU?  I truly believe that if you have all the previous things, then your success has already been drawn out for you.  Success is a state of mind.  It's a belief that what you want and what you have are equal.  so success- check! 

What do you want… that you already have?