Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What’s your relationship to silence?

ANSWER THE BURNING QUESTIONWhat’s your relationship to silence?

Unfolding. Agitation. Crunchy. Relishing. Golden. Home. Safety. Expansiveness. Awakening.
How do you feel with quietness? Do you seek it? Do you avoid it? When was the last time you intentionally chose silent time? What does pausing sound like to you? Does the thought of three days in a cabin without music or TV make you anxious or longing?
Are you aware of the quality of silence between you and other people?In conversation, especially new conversations? Do you fill the space with talking? Do you fill the air with music, TV, singing, nattering, prayer, one word at a time?
What does listening feel like?
In silence, a broken heart is reminded it is alone — and held. An over-busy mind is challenged by peace — and given space to unfurl. Silence is the gap we must fall into everyday in order to rest into our humanity. Silence is where we can go to know what wants to be known.
In thinking about this question, I believe I understand the importance of silence.  The respect of silence and the necessity of silence.  You see in all areas of our lives we need to have the opportunity to reflect and to listen.  Without silence in our minds we are unable to do that.  If you take the question and relay it to sales, then you understand how important it is to listen to your client.  Allow them to share how they feel, what they want and what it will do for them.  In reference to a teacher it is the same thing.  If you do not allow time to listen to the student, then you are doing an injustice by not allowing them to grow and actually learn from their own mind.  In relationships, silence can be a make or break situation.  When communication involves two individuals, one must remain silent in order for the other to express his thoughts.  This takes place numerous times in order to complete a conversation.  Imagine how it feels when you can't get a word in edge wise.  How insignificant and disrespected you will feel.  So knowing the importance of silence I have learned to incorporate it into as much of my life as I can.  During excited moments, you will get a different story from my family as I tend to run on and on about a particular subject, however I crave silence.  I enjoy the peace it brings, the clarity it allows and the revitalization it performs on me.  When performing tasks, I love silence.  I suppose some of this comes form all the commotion I previously had in my life, that inevitably did not allow much silence or peace for that matter.  I feel silence is what allows us to grow, to reflect and to be at one with ourselves.  How does silence affect you?