Thursday, May 24, 2012

HELP Time is running out!

Check this out! I had no idea! xoxox

Hi there! Today is May 24th, 2012. I am looking at the calendar and saying.... holy cow there is only 1 week left in May. The time is flying by, don't you think.

I am also very worried. Please realize that my store is always open for you and I hope I do a good job marketing, but once in awhile I give a big shout out when I need some help. See this business has never been about me, it's always been how I can help others in their lives, whether it's fundriasers or opportunities or just great gift giving. 

On June 1st of 2011, I was given a goal to share $30,000 worth of Scentsy product and now including Velata. I had one year to make this goal a reality. 

Well now I am worried. See it's May 21st and I have till May 31st to make this happen. So this is where you come in. Now keep in mind if you already got something this month, then by all means I would never ask you to buy again. However if you haven't gotten any Scentsy or you haven't tried the New Velata yet, then I would love to encourage you to do just that.

You are a phenomenal person since you have at one time or another purchased from me. I am grateful for that.

I am currently needing $3300 to reach this goal and that means if I can get 70 people to purchase $47 worth (velata warmer & chocolate) or 132 people to buy $25 worth (a 6pk of bars) I WOULD MAKE IT!!! Can you help?

So to help you make a decision to help me... I am going to help you help me. :)

If you message me saying you want to order... I will reply with how I will help you.

Here are my websites to go shopping! Starting today if I see orders being placed on my website you will be contacted with how I will help you. (wink wink)

I can't thank you enough! xoxo




XOXOXO ~EdieAnne