Friday, August 24, 2012

What do you believe?

So tonight I am sitting here thinking.... thinking about life...  about what has changed, about what still has yet to change and how I cope and deal with obstacles thrown my way.  If you consider the law of attraction, some would say I attract everything that has happened and will happen.  If you consider faith, some would say you are never given anything you cannot handle.  I think it is important to stay focused on the end result and allow what happens to be your path to that result.  Others say everything happens for a reason.  All I know is that I "Just Believe"  I believe it will all work out.  I believe that what is meant to be will be.  I believe that we all have such great things to share that the only reason we run into obstacles is because somewhere along the way someone has chosen not to share.  I believe that positive thinking will bring those positive results we all want.  I believe that those who pass judgement only do so because they are jealous.  I believe in my children and what they will bring to this world and I believe in me!  Living life to it's fullest means... living the life you want and sharing it with people you love.  It means caring enough to help someone besides yourself.  It means laughing and loving!  So as I sit here thinking about what life has brought me or what I have attracted to myself.... and... I believe... I am blessed.  Don't judge, don't wish you had what others did... because it is possible that you have all that you need!  What do you believe?