Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sincerely Scent is HERE!!!!

Sincerely Scent Cards
Available Sept 2012 
Beauty n' Scents & More


What is so special about these greeting cards?  
There are over 150 styles to choose from for every occasion. You get to customize the message - even add photos!  Every Sincerely Scent card comes with a Special scented fragrance sample in one of Scentsy Favorite Fragrances. Scentsy will address and mail the card for you. You will also be able to schedule your card for future delivery dates, making it easy to plan for important birthdays and anniversaries in advance.  Take care of every notable event of the year in one afternoon!  
Let Scentsy do the work for you but also keeping your card personal and special. From your computer, to their mailbox, it has never been easier to share a thoughtful word of thanks, congratulations, express sympathy, well wishes, with the ones you love. 
Wish you could add a photo to the card?  
You Can!  Wish you could sign the card? You Can!  Simply upload your favorite photos and digital signature, and the card you create will be truly special!
Do you need to correspond with clients or customers?  Do you send appointment reminders by mail, customer birthday cards, or depend on referrals for your business?  What better way to engage your customer/client base than with a Sincerely Scent greeting card?  You can customize your message, upload a company logo, and make a big impact with this unique and brand new marketing tool!
Email is no longer effective.  
As it turns out, there is one size of envelope that gets opened far more than any other, and it’s the greeting card envelope. Greeting cards are a different shape from the traditional #10 letter envelope and everybody loves getting cards in the mail.

So, sending a greeting card that includes your marketing message is one of the best ways of getting your mailer opened.  Combine that with a Scent from Scentsy’s fragrance options, and your Marketing Message will Definitely be Received and Remembered!
Do the math with me.
If you send something out to 1000 people but only 5% of the envelopes get opened, your actual audience is only 50 people. But if you send out 100 cards and 75% of them get opened, you’re actually reaching 25 more people with one tenth the cost. Although specific statistics are difficult to get, greeting cards get opened far more than regular envelopes. 

You can even schedule the delivery of your Sincerely Scent cards up to 364 days in advance!  Never forget an important birthday or special occasion again!
Types of Cards

Our designers crafted beautiful cards that feature the perfect sentiment for just about every occasion-birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, even cards to wish someone well, good luck, or congratulations.  You can find exactly what you’re looking for with Sincerely Scent.

Here is a video about it.  

Here is how it works:

1. Buy Credits from me

Bundle of 10: $28.50

Bundle of 25: $71.25

Bundle of 100: $285
*Price includes envelopes and postage
2. Log on to

3. Select your Card.

4. Customize it: select your scent, write a personal message or choose

from several pre-written options- and even add a photo or two

5. Select your Recipient(s).
6. Confirm your order.
7. Sincerely Scent mails your cards for you