Sunday, March 17, 2013

Do you love your job?

Sitting here reflecting on my week here in Idaho at our director boot camp. Amazing people, amazing company to work for. I have learned an abundance of things that will not only make me a better leader but a better person. There are people that can love their jobs and NEVER have the chance to let people come and join in on that company so that others could experience that joy. I LOVE my job and can invite ANYONE to start right now, no interview and no one to make the decision to accept the position but themselves. And then they too can get the all benefits of joy and happiness that this job can also bring them. I am amazed at the fact that I sold for another direct sales company for 12 years and NEVER met the president or vp and had a chat with them around the lobby of the hotel I was staying at. The Scentsy Family is TRULY family. The success I have will ultimately come from me, but having the foundation and support offered to me by The Scentsy Family will be the catalyst to my success, which to me is defined as happiness and abundance of life, love and health. I mat not be rich with money "yet" but I am certainly rich with love and support. The rest of the story is being built as we speak.