Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shining Star Award

Hi everyone! It has come to my attention that this is open to the public. It's called the Shining Star Award! I know alot of you on my friends list are consultants and/or customers, not only to me but to others consultants as well. This award is not taken lightly. Each year, one Scentsy Consultant is named our Shining Star. This award is given to the Consultant who contributed the most to fulfilling the Scentsy Mission and who best exemplified the values we strive to represent. The recipient is selected by Scentsy's Executive Team, but must be nominated by another Scentsy Consultant or Host/Hostess. 

Go to Shining Star Nomination Form* and email it to by April 30th, 2013.

Winner will be announced at The Scentsy Family Reunion in Indy this year. 

Make your nomination now. 

*Nomination form can be found in the Resource Library tab of the workstation under Scentsy, Inc. Documents or by clicking the link below.