Friday, October 18, 2013

My 'Why" #doubleyay

I do NOT bring this to you to brag, but I just wanted to share yet another#doubleyay (they seem to be plentiful lately). Sometimes we all need a goal, a why, an inspiration to sweep over us.....
I have been trying to finish my office for over 2 years now (almost 3). It's been a financial burden. So we decided to do very little at a time. I worked from a shell of press board, cement floors, no heat and no ceiling.

 I welcomed everyone and refused no one. With a beautiful front door and a dream in my mind, I figured someday it would get done and I would be more productive. It's been my "why" since I began with Scentsy. "If I could just get build a garage for Ben, If I could just have an office for me..." Then it turned into, "If I could just finish my office."

Well today it's happening.... I now have the dilema of dreaming up a new "Why". The color is on the walls, the ceiling is being finished, the tile is picked out and the furniture is being made. Now I know it won't all be done till maybe Christmas time, but it's not years anymore. 

I have found inspiration in everyone I meet, in everything I accomplish and everything I dream.

My colors represent my passion and my love. As ironic as it may seem, these colors have been my own personal flagship for many years. They represent, passion and dreams. The Scentsy colors represent passion in purple and dreams in green. DREAM BIG FOLKS!!! and as Sandi Jolley Luckey says "DREAM BIG IN COLOR"
Use this as your motivation to Make it Happen! Don't EVER Give up and Don't ever Give in! Be true to You!!! ~EdieAnne