Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day 5 - Abundant Me - I choose abundance

So here I go again......  Doing a few of these in one day may seem to you a non-effort, but in my world it is ALL that Plus some.  Actually doing a few in a row, solidify that which I learned in the previous meditation.  I will admit I am not meditating like I should but the time of reflection is so advantageous for me that it creates a feeling of accomplishment and clarity for the rest of the day.  Enjoy.
Love this one .......


Om Bhavam Namah
I am absolute existence. I am a field of all possibility.
DAY 5: Abundant Me
Entry created Nov 21, 2013
Have you had a passion or dream that was minimized or squelched by yourself or another? Write about what it felt like to share your dream and have it dismissed. Did that experience impact how you respond to sparks of passion, dreams, and desires in your life now?
Believe it or not I had been a dreamer, a person or child who imagined I could accomplish anything. I allowed others to hold me back. My worth was squashed and I believed it. It hurt, it was belittling, depressing and discouraging. When I thought of how inept I was to accomplish anything, I felt little. I felt like nothing with no purpose. I really believe that having someone tell me that I couldn't or I wasn't.... made me want and desire it more. I now teach others to choose abundance.
Reflect and spend time writing about what you can learn about yourself, others, and life from that experience or other experiences like it. Our reaction to our self-talk and the input of others just might be blocking our dreams from coming to life. Identify and write down several strategies you can use to protect the uplifting energy and possibility that your innovative ideas, dreams and desires hold.
I have come a long way from someone telling me I couldn't do it .... to now knowing I can. My mind is what is allowing me to see the dreams, to visualize what my abundance looks and feels like so that I can witness it when and as it's in my life. Yes I can have days where my negative self-talk interferes with my dreams and aspirations. However being more knowledgeable of how that works and being able to acknowledge those feelings and thoughts, I am more able to move out of the feeling and mindset rather quickly. My emotions and my reactions are much more in tune to my desire for happiness and abundance in my own life and those around me. NOTHING can hold me back!
What are you grateful for today?
I am so grateful for being to be grateful. For being able to appreciate things in life with love and with understanding that it's a blessing to me.... a gift. I am grateful for being to be grateful.
Use this space to reflect further on your experience today.
When Oprah spoke of the abundance we all deserve and the abundance we all have coming to us.... it reminded me of being God's child. I want for "my" children, EVERYTHING good in life. All the love, happiness and abundance they can handle. The joys that come from a smile. The tears that come from a laugh and the goosebumps that come from within. My children deserve EVERYTHING good in life. If I am God's child then I KNOW he wants to same things for me. We all deserve EVERYTHING good in life. Namaste!

Mindful Moment

Set aside one hour today to do something you thoroughly enjoy. It doesn’t matter what it is . . . whether it’s a walk in the woods, reading a good book, or creating a delicious meal . . . do it purely for the joy of the activity. As you settle in for sleep tonight, revisit the experience in your mind, considering why this activity excited you or brought you joy. Set the intention to awake the next day in this same state of mind and heart.

"Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance." Epicurus
What lights you up more fervently than anything else in your life? Listen to whatever immediately comes to you – these are signs leading you to your true passion, your most heartfelt desire, and ultimately your destiny.
When we heed the call of our deepest desires, we fulfill our true destinies. Children do not shy away from their passions, they effortlessly live from a place of wonder, play, and delight. For many of us, we’re taught that we must abandon our natural passions as we cross the divide between childhood and adulthood. Yet, passion is what drives us to be the very best individuals we can be.
Today, through meditation, we reconnect to our internal spark and begin to gently release those long-held stories about who we should be as we become more intimately re-acquainted with who we really are. Together we will practice shining brightly as the individuals we were born to be as we freely share our gifts with everyone we meet.