Wednesday, December 18, 2013

OFFICE UPDATE - Construction Complete!!

When I first started thinking about how to create my office, 3 yrs ago we decided to add on to the house to create a bigger place to enter our home as well as a space for my office. NEVER did I imagine it would turn out like this. The inspiration for this room began with the barn door. I just knew I had to have one to close off the office when I had meetings. It is more amazing then I had dreamed. Thank you Louie at Allagash Wood Products! The room came together so nicely and the craftsmanship that Shon-Crystal Jandreau of Custom Designs put into it was worth the wait! So 3 yrs later, it's complete! Now my work begins.... so it is a Work in progress! I AM IN LOVE! I am sure as I unpack stuff that things will move place 5 times before I have it right! For my YouTube friends here is the video! I feel like I should be thanking everyone for their encouragement, the love and for following the progress. i am truly blessed. xoxox #doubleyay
 — feeling Blessed, overwhelmed with happiness, grateful and pooped... LOL