Thursday, May 1, 2014

Local Mini Celebrity ;)

Hi there, it's Edie Anne Cote

I don't make many posts like this out but wanted to share this one.  It's alittle longer so bare with me :)
I have been asked to be interviewed for The Mind Aware Series Season 5 and am so proud and honored.  It is a Free registration and a Free series running through the month of May.  I am trying to reach out to people who may find this of interest or may just want to support me and my efforts.  I am extremely excited about this and hope you find it as exciting.  Here is some information about it. I would love for you to register, even if you don't plan to listen to them all live.  My interview is on May 26th and by registering you will have the chance to listen to at least mine.

I didn't want you to miss this announcement because this is the ONLY place you can get 24 hours of FREE training for growing your direct sales business! The Mind Aware Interview Series for Direct Sellers is back, and we’re better than ever! Keep in mind that this is beneficial for ANY business and also for personal development

Here’s the link . . .

And here’s why … we listened to your suggestions and incorporated them into Season Five, Straight from the Top!

You might remember that we did a survey and we asked YOU for a list of your favorite direct sales execs and direct sales leaders! Who did you want me to interview on The Mind Aware Series. Who did you want to learn from?

We took your advice and we got direct sales executives and leaders from 24 companies involved and they are bringing their BEST advice and tips to the table!

Do you want to know the answer to these questions . . .
*What is the biggest MISTAKE you see direct sellers making?
*What is the FIRST THING I should do to prepare myself for success?
*Why do some people SPONSOR so easily and others don’t?
*Which DAILY practices should I put into place to GROW my business?
*How can I BALANCE my team and my personal business?
*What is the biggest mistake you see direct sales LEADERS making?
*What are your BEST TIPS for booking, sponsoring, offering the opportunity, maximizing technology, positive mindset, leadership, and MORE!!!
Get the answers right here . . .

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, then make sure to register for The Mind Aware Interview Series today!


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