Wednesday, August 20, 2014

No such thing as Saturation

In response to a long private message about not wanting to join because she is being told that Scentsy is Saturated!! Scentsy is NOT saturated. I am here to tell you that in direct sales, unless you are servicing 100% of the people in your town, state, country, then there is room for growth. If everyone in your neighborhood already uses your product, then go to another neighborhood. If everyone in your city is using your product, then go to people in your state. But because Scentsy is a very new product (10 years in the USA and only 5 years in Canada), the market has a ton of potential for growth before it reaches anywhere near the saturation point. As an example, say there are well over 40 Scentsy consultants in a town of 10,000. Each of these consultants, are working their business in a way that is productive for them. Some are active, some only buy for themselves and family, others are working it like a full time job. I can promise you that all 10,000 people in that community are not aware or even using the Scentsy or Velata...Yet! There are people out there who would buy from you, because you are you! Only you can provide that excellent customer service. That is what makes you so special! That is why, if you are interested in selling Scentsy.... You should! The benefit of people knowing what Scentsy is, is that they want it. We do not have enough consultants to provide for the demand of customers that are out there. I run into people EVERY DAY that when asked if they have a consultant say to me.... no I NEED one, I don't know what happened to mine or mine quit or even better yet, What is Scentsy? If you allow yourself to have a mindset that you can't do the business or that everyone else is doing it for you.... then you will not get past that. But if you have a mindset that you can get around any obstacle (like I did) then you WILL succeed!!!