Thursday, September 11, 2014

Empowered Women of Social Media

Empowered Women of Social Media

44 Women found their Voices using the Power of Social Networking

Well it's getting closer and we are super excited about the release of our book Empowered Women of Social Media. I know you will love it because it's complied of stories from strong powerful women who have overcome some mighty obstacles to be successful using Social Media. Each story brings to life an aspect of their lives that shows tenacity, authenticity and overall courage! Join us on Oct 5th for our Kindle Release. We are looking for commitments to download the $0.99 version. It will be available at that price for only a few hours that day!! We want you to get it and download it THEN!!! On Amazon we have the opportunity to write a review as well and I am asking each of you to do this. Give us your thoughts on what the vision of this book is for YOU!! I am honored to be part of this and I am blessed that you want to read it!! I will continue to post reminders so it's ok I won't let you forget. Can you see how excited I am about this! I am very excited to be a part of this amazing glorious journey with these incredible women!!

Empowered Women from around the world have joined our mission… When women come together a great energy is present. During the compilation of this book, women from 20 different countries and from all walks of life joined our movement and mission. 43 women plus author/compiler Carla Wynn Hall, have written their stories to be included in this historical masterpiece that focuses on two hot topics of today: Social Media & Women’s Empowerment. We would like your support for our Kindle Launch on October 5th! Please take a moment and sign up for our mailing list to be notified of upcoming local events. Also if you will include your city and state, you will be notified of local book signings and opportunities to meet our Co-Authors.  I would love for you to go to the website, read my author bio and sign up for our list.

Here are some comments from some or the authors!

Commit to buying and leaving a review!  Thank you for your support!!!