Monday, November 16, 2015

Objective Smoke Free Day #15 - 2 Weeks and Disclaimer

Today I come to you with a disclaimer....  I have been using the term Operation Smoke Free since the beginning of my Non-Smoking Journey.  I was unaware that there was a website dedicated to just this.  It is actually called Operation Smoke Free and has Agents to help you quit smoking.  I am not associated with this site in any way and have therefore changed my reference to Objective Smoke Free. Sorry if this has caused any confusion.

Today marks 2 weeks of being smoke free.  Has it been tough?  There have been moments.  There have been times I think, shouldn't I be smoking right now.  It's not so much cravings I get but more a feeling of something missing.  A feeling I should be doing something.  My evenings are getting a bit better and I have tried to create a new routine but it's not 100% feeling good yet.  It's not flowing and is a bit quirky at best. I have replaced my cigarettes with Tea of many kinds.  My favorite is Yogi tea... there are so many flavors with so many benefits.  i am still having an issue with being not tired at night.  I tend to stay up till midnight or so and find myself coaxing myself to bed. I wake up very tired and not as refreshed as I used to wake up.  I used to call myself a morning person and now it's changed... it's taking about an hour to shake the cobwebs.  My chest is a bit congested and I may be coming down with the stuffies.  I am being told by my doctor that this is all normal.  I will continue on this journey as she also said it will take approx 3 months before I start feeling a difference.

I thing I am truly grateful for is the amount of people cheering me on and those that have come to me saying you have inspired me to quit too!!  I love that and I will be here to help you along your own personal journey of becoming smoke free!