Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Objective Smoke Free- Day #10, Creating my Future

Well apparently I was just to darn busy to even notice I quit smoking and write about it yesterday LOL.  In all honesty, I was very busy yesterday.  I worked my business to the bone and had help from my niece to package up a fundraiser I completed for the Freshman Class. I really do enjoy giving back to my community and this is a great way to do it.  Anyway this blog isn't about Scentsy but about my Smokeless journey.  I know that keeping busy helped keep my mind off the task at hand.  Although last evening I was put to the ultimate test...  i have to consider whether I failed or had a revelation.  I was on the phone most of the night coaching my team and the pacing smoking thing was beginning to taunt at me. I was getting cravings periodically in my conversations. So I went and grabbed my vape pen (ecig) and put on my shoes and out to the garage I went.  I took the quickest drag off the pen and cough and coughed and coughed. It felt like the very first time I ever smoked....  that teenage kid thinking they were cool. I was totally turned off this time though and put it back in my pocket and forgot about it.  So the question here is did I fail or did I confirm that I don't want to smoke, that I don't care to be a smoker and I don't even like it.  I believe the latter is my response. I have successful created a mindset and future of a non-smoker. I am thrilled.  It didn't even take as long as most suggested it would.  Now I realize the possibility of cravings in the future.  But the way I see it is when you have a thought to cross the railroad tracks as the gates are coming down and you say oh I'll make it, but you slow down to wait it out.... that is how it feels when I get a craving and then it just goes away.  I am proud of what I have accomplished.  I hope this inspires many to quit too and to have the proper mindset when you do. Operation Smoke Free has been a Success!!!!