Monday, November 9, 2015

Objective Smoke Free Day #8 - Not giving in, not giving up!

Well day marks a week and day that I become a non-smoker!  I have to admit that it doesn't seem hard.  I am not sure what I have done differently other than KNOW that I was going to QUIT and KNOW that I had no choice!  Do I have times when I think about how it would be to have a cigarette?  I have to say YES.  But it's not a craving like ... OMG I have to have a cigarette.  It's more like ... oh to take a break and go out and have a butt.  It really does boil down to habit.  It's a habit that fills certain times of day or fills certain feelings I get.  Sometimes I feel like I should be smoking when I am on the phone or going outside! It really is weird to not smoke after 32 years.  It was part of everything I did.  It's kind of like mourning something you have had as part of your life for so long.  I have promised that I would not give in to those feelings and not give up on the finish line.  I will say that I don't feel any different. Like I don't feel healthier or feel like I have clearer lungs or more energy...  not sure when that happens but I can't wait!  I have a follow up appointment with the Doctor on Friday and look forward to giving her my journey!