Sunday, November 8, 2015

Objective Smoke Free - Day #7 - What's YOUR Fight?

Today is day 7. It makes a week since I began my journey as a non-smoker.  Has it been easy?  I wouldn't say it was hard, but there have been moments of test. The struggle can be real but it is not over powering.  I think the reason for this is one, I was not a HUGE smoker, but two, I decided it was going to be easy, something I HAD to do. No choices, no second guesses. I made up my mind I was going to quit and I quit.  I try to explain this to my husband who smokes almost 2 packs a day.  I have heard often that you have to WANT to quit.... Well I am here to agree.  It really is mind over matter.  5% of the addiction is from nicotine and the other 95% is our habits, our plan, our emotions and our thoughts around smoking.  If that is the case and it takes 3 days for nicotine to be expelled from your body once you are no longer introducing it, then the 5% is a piece of cake.  Sleep it off, jog it off, play it off, do something to keep your mind SUPER busy for those 3 days.  Something that won't trigger the desire for one.  Something that isn't the normal habit to break the cycle.  But mainly my reflection this Sunday is that there are so many things out there that are so much worse and that put this habit into perspective.  If you have gotten to the point of Cancer caused by this habit then you know what I am talking about.  But if you look out into our world as the children that are suffering from things like Leukemia or other horrible life draining diseases then this habit of mine seems so small. I have a friend who's child has just received a bone marrow transplant.  Although the prognosis is good the journey is painful.  How can I be complaining about quitting a choice I made, something I choose to do, something that is my decision..... when this child is suffering from something she never wanted, never asked for and did NOT choose.  If she can fight the BIG battle each and everyday, then I can put down the cigarette and enjoy the life I was given.
This is for you Kearston!  ♥  Keep fighting the Big Fight girl as my sacrifice is tiny....