Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Objective Smoke Free & MAV, Migraine Associated Vertigo - My Journey Day 2

I am so beyond myself this morning. I am just a part time smoker, I said. I only smoke at night, I said. It's not a big deal, I said. Day 1 has past. I did have to take a couple puffs off my vape e-cig before bed, but I made it though without 1 cigarette. The support I am getting is beyond what I ever would have imagined. Messages from people I don't really even know. Encouraging posts on my page. Advice filled comments everywhere. 
I KNOW I CAN DO THIS WITH EVERYONE WALKING ALONG SIDE ME AND SUPPORTING ME! Last night was also the first night I didn't have to take my migraine medicine. Or at least I chose not to. Talking on the phone, or concentrated talking in general seems to get my head. I still have what I call my bobble head still on and my sea legs attached. At least they all feel attached now when before they pretty much were doing what they wanted like a bad marionette! I am blessed to be loved as I am. I thank all of you for the kind words of encouragement. My journey has just begun and I feel stronger and more capable because of YOU! Thank you!