Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Objective Smoke Free, DAY 3 confessions:

Operation Smoke Free, DAY 3 confessions: So yesterday wasn't too bad... why? I wore a patch. I cut a 21mg patch in half (10.5mg) and wore that all day. I also have an e-cig from when I tried to quit before. I've had a few drags on that before bed to ease me anxiety. BUT the final result is I have NOT smoked any cigarettes since Monday!! Zero, none, nada!!! I can do this!!!

I am not perfect and yes I feel like I am cheating, but I also feel as though I am getting closer and closer everyday to a smoke free life. Is support considered cheating or just support..... well not only are all YOU supporting me but so is the patch and the ecig. Eventually I won't need the support because I will be able to do it all on my own. Right now I am braking habits. Like going into the garage to have a puff, like having 2 last thing before bed, like having a few while talking on the phone, after I eat, during a stressful situation, while driving the car. These habits where built in 32 years of smoking. 10-20 a day. I am breaking my habits and lowering my nicotine intake. I am totally eliminating the carcinogens in the actual cigarette out of my body. I have a fun app that I am using on my phone and it gives me daily updates on what I have regained each hour from NOT smoking cigarettes. Already my sense of taste and smell is 100% regained. My Carbon-monoxide levels have been 100% eliminated from my blood and my oxygen levels are being restored. Now I am working on my Circulation, Lung Health, Cravings, Risk of Tooth Loss (yea not sure I had ever thought of this) and Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke. I have regained 12 hours of Life!!
This is my journey and I am ready!