Thursday, November 5, 2015

Objective Smoke Free - Day #4 Mindset

Day 4 has begun!! 

I am thrilled with the way this is working out. Yesterday I started with half a patch on my arm and told myself that I wouldn't use my e-cig.... and I didn't.  The "right before bed thing" has proven to be the toughest time, but I got through it.  Matter of fact keeping myself busy has been the trick.  Mostly keeping my mind busy and off thinking about it. 

I really do believe that if you allow your mind to help you it will. I found out that only 5% of withdrawals are from Nicotine and 95% are from the mind... meaning it's habit or desire to want to quit. We know all the reason we shouldn't quit but when we concentrate on the reason we should, it makes a huge difference. See yourself as a non-smoker. Build that image in your mind, honestly it works!!!! No I am not wacked... I am someone who believes in brain training. The brain is a muscle just like in the rest of our body... many train their bodies... then why not our brain.  I was listening to a video on Allen Carr, Easy Way to Quit Smoking.  It seems to be a very old method and to be honest I have only heard testimonies, but it seems to be based primarily on mindset.  You know that we accomplish everything we do in life because at some point we decided whether consciously or subconsciously that we could do it.  What makes quitting smoking any different.  

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