Friday, November 6, 2015

Objective Smoke Free - Day #5 Shake me up and Throw me back in!

Good Morning Everyone:
You know I watch people, I listen to people and I create a unspoken opinion every time I hear of someone's failure or their success. I think that is human nature.  But the worst opinion is the one that I form of myself.  You know that judgmental one, the critic. The one that says, you just aren't doing enough.  But the revelation I made this morning, is that with every struggle I have faced in my life, that every single time, I learn a new approach, it sheds new light on an obstacle.  It creates a stirring inside me that will manifest itself in whatever power it sees fit for that moment.  I know this is deep but deep is where I am.  Deep in my vortex of life.  Those moments when I thought I was failing, were the moments I was truly growing.  About 4 weeks ago I began an educational path that I have now already seen change my life.  I asked for abundance, we worked on how that looks, what that meant and how I would achieve it.  I stated over and over how quickly I do things, how impatient I am and that it wasn't necessarily a bad thing but something that propelled me forward....  notice the word propelled, rather than pushed. On the second week, I started spinning.... no literally.  Migraine associated Vertigo hit me hard for one week...  Now that my head is clear I realized a pretty profound thing....  It was the universe saying... you wanna propel, then let's spin...  SLOW DOWN!!!  These were the words I heard over and over! SLOW DOWN and take it all in, let it happen!  The Dr said if you don't quit smoking you WILL have a Stroke.  hmmmm  coincidence? I think not!  Fast forward about 4 days.  Pick a quit date, ok Monday the 2nd, make a plan, ok just quit.....  My mindset is so in tune now that I found the resources and knowledge I needed to quit... not sure how, but it all showed up for me.  I started with... This is easy, what is the fuss everyone makes about quitting.  Have I had some dips of cravings, sure I have, but I move right past them... why because I am not a smoker.  Non-smokers don't smoke!  5% of cigarette smoking is nicotine addiction and 95% of it is all in your mind, the cravings, the habit, the desire.  It takes 3 days for the nicotine to be expelled from your body, so what's the fuss 3 days is nothing!  Today is day 5 and although I have been quiet, I have been sooooooo busy... at least today was the day I realized how busy I have been.  Healing myself, coaching myself, learning about myself and creating my future and my today!  The arsenal you ask? My mind! My brain!  I am blessed and fortunate.  I am 100% better and I am 100% a non-smoker.  Allen Carr has a program that I haven't taken but the just of it is mind over matter, at least I think so from the videos I watched... If he can make tons of money coaching people that...  I should be the richest woman in the world because I already know it!
Moving forward, moving fast. I thank the universe for slowing me down a bit, shaking me up and throwing me back in!  I TOTALLY GOT THIS!