Monday, November 4, 2013

Edie's Weekly Intention with Brené Brown and Oprah Winfrey - WEEK 2

CULTIVATING AUTHENTICITY -Letting Go of What People Think

Week 2 was late and slow... seems to be a trend...but I think I like the pace since it is giving me time to digest it all and internalize how it make me feel.  Ironically it turns out that if i wait a few days then the message is much clearer as to what I need to learn.  It important to understand that I have always "cared" what others thought of me.  I valued the opinions of others but to the point that is defined who I was.  In some cases it made me or broke me.  My past is a testament of this.  

We were asked to find a picture that showed us as true authentic people.... a time in our lives when we felt the most authentic.  Going back in pictures, I might have been able to pick out a few that had my Dad in them, but realized that my authentic self didn't get created till alot later in my life.  Your surroundings can influence your authentic self to come out.  Here is were I can actually see in her eyes.  I can see the pain that was lifted and I can see a gratefulness that is missing in most other pictures.  

Brene asked us to create our own authenticity mantra..... this is mine "Don't give in to someone else's lesson, stay true to "YOU""  Being authentic means not conforming to someone else's dreams or reality.  Our dreams and reality come from making our own decisions and our own story.  This really got me thinking.  What defines who we are.....  what allows us to be who we want to be.  So I made this video and I talk about What it really is all about!  Let's change our story!  xoxoxo

I can't wait for week 3.....  I may be behind, but I am right on track!!!